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March always feels like a super exciting month, the clocks go forward so we gain a little extra light in the evening. Perfect for a little gardening after work, tackling our March Garden Jobs or dare we say, a chance to sit out and enjoy the garden, wrapped up of course! So we’ve taken a look at some of what needs doing this month. 

Do A Visual Check Of Your Garden

Have a wander around and check what has been happening through the winter. Check for frost damage and cut back any damaged stems. Repot plants in pots with new fresh compost, make sure you check for pesky vine weevils as they love to feed on plants in pots!

Take a fresh look at your garden are there things you would like to change and if so make a plan. You may have felt that some plants didn’t do so well in a particular area and need more sun or shade. Or perhaps you like the idea of creating a sensory garden or attract wildlife and so need to make a plan.

Weed Control 

A definite for your March Garden Jobs is weeding – so important to get on top of this early as the Spring and Summer months are when they like to take control. Encouraging or introducing natural enemies should be the first line of control so avoid using chemicals if possible. If you do need to use them, target areas and be controlled in your application. 

Run a hoe over your bed or between seedlings. Annual weeds can be pulled out by hand but perennial weeds will need digging out to remove the root. Investing in weeding tools may also be useful, a weed knife is great for removing weeds from patios and path edges, whilst a spiral or corkscrew weeding tool can be useful for removing weeds from your lawn. 

Protect New Shoots From Slugs

Slugs cause havoc in the garden throughout the year but as Spring brings new growth action is required to protect it, they love to eat bulbs, stems, tubers and flowers. You may find this information from the RHS useful on How to Control Slugs There are also some great products like copper slug rings that you can purchase.

Order Your Plug Plants

Now is the perfect time to order your plug plants. We have a huge selection of plants available including the Dahlia Happy Days Pink, the Lobelia Sapphire and if you fancy something a little different the Coleus Trusty Rusty these are all available to be delivered in March with some additional plants available early April.

Deadhead Your Daffodils

If they are starting to look untidy it’s time to deadhead which basically means removing the flowerhead and seedpod behind but don’t touch the foliage. Daffodil leaves should not be cut back. They use their leaves as energy to create next year’s flower and continue to absorb nutrients for about six weeks after the flowers have died.

Get Pruning 

It’s a good idea to prune roses now, this will encourage stronger growth. Rhododendrons in need of a new lease of life can also be cut back on a frost-free day. You should also prune winter flowering jasmine to encourage new growth for next year. 

Plant Native Hedging 

This needs to be in by the end of March and is great for encouraging wildlife into your garden. Plants are also a great way of encouraging wildlife whilst also bringing colour to your garden, you could consider adding Hollyhocks like the stunning Alcea Chater’s Double Yellow

Don’t Forget The Lawn

It’s time to check your lawn edging and if needs be redefine. If you are planning on planting new lawn seed make sure you prep now so it is ready to sow. You can also mow the lawn if it’s dry enough but don’t forget to raise the blades a little higher for the first few cuts.

Grab A Cuppa 

Every good session in the garden should finish with a nice cup of tea (or other!), feet up and a bit of browsing. Why not take a look at what we have on offer this year, you can shop online.

A final note on your March Garden Jobs: If you missed any jobs in our February garden jobs, March is still a great time to get many of these done. If you haven’t already done so and use Facebook you might want to consider joining The Golden Valley Patch – this is a growing community of gardeners who can ask a question to us or each other, share ideas and tips and get access to offers and discounts.