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Hellebores – The Winter Garden Saviour. Are you looking to bring colour to your garden this winter? With Christmas behind us and a few months to go until the colour starts to explode in our gardens, many of us search for solutions to add a little interest to our view from the window. Realistically, we also want something low-maintenance and winter-hardy, and Hellebores offer just that. 

Hellebores are a true winter saviour, bringing colour and also what could be interpreted as a little sass. Why sass? Well for a start these clever little perennials don’t mess about, if it’s freezing they nod their heads sending the inexperienced into a mild panic that they have fallen victim to frost when the explanation is simple; it’s self-preservation and as the temperatures creep up so do their heads! 

Their foliage is evergreen adding drama to their appearance, stunning flowers sit aloft dark green leaves on tall sturdy stems, They are going nowhere and are in their prime flowering through the winter months and into early spring. You will find they are pretty easygoing too, happy in a sunny or shaded spot, they will also do well in a pot so can bring colour to a patio or balcony garden. 

We are huge fans of Hellebores and have partnered with Heuger for many years now as their UK-approved partner. We grow our Hellebores in-house at our Herefordshire nursery and offer varieties that include the Christmas Rose, Snow Rose, Ice N’ Roses, and Lenten Rose, collectively known as the Helleborus Gold Collection® and easily identifiable in their burgundy pots.

Christmas Rose varieties produce stunning white flowers throughout winter. Snow Roses are a cross between the Christmas Rose the Corsican Hellebore (Helleborus argutifolius) and the Balearic or blue-grey Hellebore (Helleborus lividus), both are Mediterranean species. Ice N’ Roses® (Helleborus x glandorfensis) combine the early flowers of Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger) with the multiple colours of Lenten Roses and the robust nature of Snow Roses. Our Winter Ballet Collection is particularly stunning and worth a look!

Hellebores love companions too…

There are plenty of options if you are looking for suitable pairings. Hostas and Heucheras will work well together, another option is bulbs and we would suggest low-growing bulbs such as Snowdrops or Crocuses alongside your Hellebores to create a carpet of colour. As we head into spring you can pair Primroses and Phlox, as well as Dicentra, Bergenia and Ferns. There’s plenty of choice and as the weeks go by we will be adding more plants to our website as the season slowly gets underway. If you’d like to keep up to date with what’s available including offers sign up for our newsletter. If you love Bergenia they will be available in mid-January!

As we have touched on already, Hellebores are low maintenance and hardy, happy in a sunny spot or partial shade and they can be planted straight away and at any time of the year but avoid the summer when the ground is too dry. They are also a valuable addition to the garden as they are rich in nectar so popular with early bumble bees

It’s hard to find a reason not to love Hellebores, like many plants they are poisonous to cats and dogs but their foul taste means that they are unlikely to want to eat them so just be aware but don’t let it spoil your enjoyment. As with many plants in our gardens, it’s important to know so you can manage accordingly. 

We often wonder what motivates this stunning perennial through dark, dreary days but we are certainly grateful. Spring is on the horizon but if you are looking to bring colour to your garden this winter we do recommend adding Hellebores, years of experience tell us you won’t be disappointed. 

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