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It’s now official and we are feeling it too, Spring has Sprung! The clocks have also changed giving us lighter nights and more time in the garden. There is plenty to do this month as our gardens wake up and start preparing to delight us with colour. So here are our April Garden Jobs – Great News Spring has Sprung! 

Check out your lawn 

If your lawn needs reseeding or turfing spring is a good time to do it as both need a little bit of rain to help it establish roots. Ensure you prepare your lawn by raking and weeding and if laying turf make sure it’s level and lay the turf so it overlaps. If rain is not forecast make sure you water well in the first few days whilst it establishes itself. 

Check out your roses 

It’s time to spray and wipe! Time spent giving your roses a little TLC will pay dividends now. Start by checking for aphids, they may look harmless but they can develop into major infestations and cause problems.

Nature is on hand to help ladybirds and believe it or not wasps are great at getting rid of them. Who knew that the wasp, often the villain in the garden, was also there to help. You can also avoid using chemicals by using a jet of water from your hose and wiping them off by hand. This article from Gardeners World also offers tips and advice. 

If you love Roses you might also be interested to know that we will be launching our own collection this Summer, to be in the know sign up to our newsletter

It’s time to plant hostas

Attractive, often scented and loved for their foliage, they are a great summer flower. Perfect for containers and also if you’re looking for low growing foliage. They can be planted now and flower in July and August.

Hostas are easy to grow and will tolerate pretty much any soil type in a shaded location. Water regularly until established. Don’t forget to protect the roots whilst they grow, a copper slug ring is ideal for this, they are pet friendly and kind to the environment. Remove spent foliage as required and clear up dead foliage when it dies back at the end of the growing season.

If you enjoy flower arranging they make the perfect addition as they respond well to cutting and come in a variety of leaves. Many of our hostas are currently on a 4 for 3 offer, take a look.

Don’t get caught out by a late frost

Yes it’s Great News Spring has Sprung! We would like to think we are safely past frosty mornings but the odd one or two can still sneak up on us. It’s a good idea to keep your cloches handy or large sheets of fleece to hand and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Get your water butts ready

Recent stormy weather may have filled your gutters with leaves so give them a thorough clean if they are feeding into water butts. Collecting rainwater in a water butt means you can conserve water at the same time as keeping your garden well-watered and healthy.

Give the birds a helping hand

At this time of year the birds are busy raising their young, you may have fed them through the winter but don’t forget to keep it up as food is still scarce and everyone loves a treat. The RSPB offers great advice on ways to feed birds.

Dream of Dahlia’s 

They should be safe outside from late April but you can get started now with some Dahlia plug plants. These can be nurtured in the greenhouse or on a windowsill. The sun is now strong and the temperature can rise very quickly under glass or polythene. As they get bigger and the days lengthen they will need watering more often. When the plants have rooted round the container so that they can be handled without the compost falling apart they are ready for planting into tubs, baskets or your flower bed, but wait until all risk of frost has passed. 

One finally note

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