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Garden Jobs to Help Transition From Spring to Summer

May is here and we are already spending a lot more time in our gardens, with the longer and sunnier days. There are lots of things we can all be doing as we get ready to move from spring to summer, so we’ve put a list of May garden jobs together that you can get on with over this month.

1. Plant up hanging baskets

Before we get to summer, now is the time to get your hanging baskets or containers ready to be out in your garden. Take some time over May to plant them up to create your dream pots or baskets using our Speedplanters, but keep them in a greenhouse or porch for a few weeks to establish before putting them outside.

2. Add interest to shady borders by planting a selection of hostas, ferns, and other shade-loving plants

Shady spaces in gardens can feel difficult to fill with plants – but just because they don’t get a lot of light, it doesn’t mean you can’t create interesting spaces. Try planting shade loving plants like an Acanthus Whitewater for green and white splashed leaves with pink and white flowers which add colour and height to your displays. You can also get the beautiful splashed leaf effect from planting an Aucuba Japonica Crotonifolia which holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit for a reason! For some yellow flowers throughout summer, you can plant Alchemilla Mollis Irish Silk in your shady areas – just remember to ensure they get enough moisture.

3. Watch out for late frosts and remember to protect any tender plants

Frosts can appear until the end of May, so don’t be fooled by the sunny days. Have some garden fleece on hand, so you are prepared for any unexpected frosts that could damage your plants, or keep your tender plants inside your greenhouse or conservatory until the risk of frost has passed.

4. Open greenhouse vents and doors on warm days

As well as frosts, we may see some very warm days over the month of May. On these warm days ventilate your greenhouse by opening the vents and doors, this ensures that your plants are not overheating inside. Shading is another option for keeping your greenhouse from overheating, but this can result in some plants not getting sufficient light. Automatic vent openers are cheap, easy to install and avoid the worry if you’re going to be out when the sun shines. You can get side louvre vents with automatic openers too.

5. Look out for and remove any weeds in your beds and borders

Having weeds in your beds and borders increases the competition your beautiful plants have for the water and nutrients they need. If you have the time, hoe any bare soil weekly so weeds don’t have the time to establish and set seed.

6. Sow grass seed or lay new turf to create a new lawn or repair damaged patches

You may have bare patches of grass appear in your garden in areas where it’s been worn down or where the grass is undernourished, but this can be sorted by sowing grass seed or laying down new turf. It is best to plant your new grass seed before the end of May as they will then grow and be perfect over summer.

7. Set up a compost bin, so you can recycle more green waste from your kitchen and garden

If you don’t have one already, setting up a compost bin is a great job to get sorted if you have space. Having a compost bin means you can utilise a lot of your kitchen and garden waste and create nutritious compost for your flowers and veg plants, giving them an even better chance to thrive over the summer. There are many types of compost bins available to fit whatever you may need, plus some towns and cities may have programmes in place for you to get your own compost bin for free – so do a bit of research before you buy!