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Get Organised In Your Garden This January With These 8 January Garden Jobs

It’s a new year and that means a fresh start and the opportunity to reflect on the year just gone and to plan for the next one. Here at Golden Valley Plants we want to help you get organised for the year ahead, so we’ve put together a list of January garden jobs you can do in your garden over the next month to prepare for the year ahead. We have also added lots of new perennials to our website which are available for pre-order so you can get some inspiration.

1. Recycle Your Christmas Tree

If you haven’t already taken down your Christmas Tree, you can cut it into smaller sections and shred it for mulch. By mulching you will have many benefits to your garden over all seasons, with it helping with frost protection, deterring pests, and suppressing weeds.

2. Get Planning!

Use the beginning of a New Year to take the time to plan what you would like to do with your garden over 2021. Are there some perennials you’ve always loved the look of but never added to your garden? Well now is your chance to figure out where you can fit them and ensure you have a beautiful and colourful garden in the Spring and Summer.

3. Continue To Look Out For Birds and Other Wildlife

Continue to look out for birds over the winter months and put fresh water and food out for them daily. With the cold weather we are currently facing lots of your local wildlife’s water sources will freeze over, making finding a drinking source or a bath increasingly difficult.

4. Prepare Your Soil Ready For Planting

When it is not too wet, take the time to dig up any empty flower beds and vegetable areas if you haven’t already done so. For optimum results, we’d recommend you add any manure or compost you can to these areas and let the frost and worms get to work in clearing any dead plant material.

5. Replace Greenhouse Soil

If you grow plants in your greenhouse, such as tomatoes, dig out the old soil to at least a spade’s depth and replace it with soil from a part of your garden that hasn’t had potatoes, tomatoes, or peppers grown in it. This process ensures you have nutrient-rich soil for the coming months.

6. Find Out What You Can Sow

If you have a propagator, which is perfect for managing temperatures, or a warm windowsill that will allow to you get a head start this year, you may be able to sow tomatoes in January to add to your vegetable patch. If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, how about sowing some bedding plants like Begonias?

7. Ensure Your Greenhouse Is Clean and Ready

This is a job we have been talking about all winter, but it is still one of the jobs that often gets put off month after month. Save yourself a harder job later on and give your greenhouse a thorough clean inside and out, so light can easily get through, and check for any damages and make any needed repairs.

8. Buy Any Seeds, Perennials, Plug Trays, Or Other Equipment You May Need For Spring

Now that you’ve done all of your planning and preparation, put those plans into action by buying any seeds if you plan to sew them yourself, and any plug trays or bedding pots so you’re not caught out when you’re ready to plant in spring. You may also need to buy some new pots, containers or baskets, so start hunting down your favourite ones now.