Hellebores from Herefordshire

Our Hellebores are grown in-house at our Herefordshire nursery. The Hellebores we produce are a range of famed Hellebore varieties consisting of the celebrated Christmas Rose, Snow Rose, Ice N’ Roses and Lenten Rose varieties, collectively known as the Helleborus Gold Collection®.

Botanically, they belong to the genus Helleborus. They are hardy, low-maintenance perennials that are a must-have in any garden. They have an upright habit, with some varieties (especially Snow and Lenten Roses) forming clumps up to 1 metre in diameter. The key to their popularity though, is the unusual time in which they flower…

Hellebores Keep Winter Colourful

Hellebores give us an array of beautiful flowers at a time when the garden would be otherwise drab and colourless. Some varieties start to flower as early as October/November, and will withstand severe cold and snow to delight us through the year’s darkest days. Others bloom in late winter and continue flowering well into Spring, alongside the daffodils and tulips to welcome warmer days.

Where to plant Hellebores

Hellebores are the perfect accompaniment to evergreen shrubs and perennials in garden planters, patio pots and on balconies during the winter months, to provide much needed brightness, colour and beauty. Our Christmas Roses are particularly suited to pairing with pine branches, holly and cones to create beautiful Christmas flower displays.

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