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Citrus Plants

Citrus plants bring a touch of Mediterranean charm to the home and garden, offering fragrant blossoms and vibrant fruits in a traditionally temperate climate. These evergreen trees and shrubs are easy to care for and have become popular addition to British landscapes, adding a zest of exotic beauty and a hint of citrusy delight to local horticulture.

Our Citrus Plants

What are Citrus plants?

Mini citrus and ornamental citrus plants are prized for their compact size and decorative appeal. These diminutive varieties, such as Calamondin and Kumquat, not only produce small, edible fruits but also feature attractive foliage and fragrant blossoms, making them ideal choices for indoor and patio gardening, as well as ornamental accents in landscaping.

Planting Citrus

Choose a well-draining, sunny location with protection from strong winds in temperate climates. Citrus plants thrive in soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH, and regular watering, with occasional pruning to ensure healthy growth and bountiful fruit production. Easy to care for and rewarding to grow, indoors or out. Ensure a sheltered frost-free position.

Citrus Plants -

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