What’s a garden without plants? But have you also considered what is a garden without wildlife? When planting garden plants to encourage wildlife they don’t have to be wild or overgrown, you’ll be quite surprised at the types of plants you can include in your garden that attracts wildlife. Private gardens in Britain account for approximately 667,000 acres, that’s a lot of land and a lot of opportunities to create havens for wildlife.

By making just small changes, you can encourage a variety of creatures to call your garden home. Wild About Gardens, a collaboration between the RHS and The Wildlife Trust is a great resource to help gardeners across the country make their gardens more wildlife-friendly. 

Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden

Below we’ve noted some of our top tips when it comes to encouraging wildlife into your garden and also included some of our favourite perennials available here at Golden Valley Plants.


Compost is great for not only wildlife but your plants too. It can make a great shelter for many small creatures, and also makes for healthy soil – which is good for everything living and growing in it.

Create a Mini Wildflower Meadow

A mixture of grass and flowers, wildflower meadows are perfect for insects such as Bees and Butterflies. They’re low maintenance and usually include a mix of annual flowers such as poppies and cornflowers. 

Grow a mixture of trees and shrubs

By growing a range of trees and shrubs you’re providing food, shelter and a place for garden animals, such as birds to nest. 

Choose the right flowers

Flowers provide pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and other insects. Pick flowers that provide pollen and nectar for as long a season as possible. Avoid plants with double or multi-petalled flowers as these contain little to no pollen or nectar. The RHS have a fantastic guide on plants for pollinators, a great guide for encouraging wildlife into your garden which can be found here.

Below we’ve included some of our favourite plants that attract wildlife. You can view the full collection on our Attracts Wildlife category page and don’t forget to look out the RHS Perfect For Pollinators logo.


Achillea New Vintage White -Yarrow – Achillea New Vintage White

A striking white flower with green foliage, this long-lasting beauty is perfect in any bed or border. Loved by bees and butterflies, this flower also holds the RHS Perfect for Pollinators Award.

Flowers April through to July.






Dahlia Happy Days Fuchsia Halo -

Dahlia Happy Days Fuchsia Halo

Dahlias come in a kaleidoscope of colours and a variety of flower sizes. They add a pop of colour to pots and borders from May through to July. Again awarded the RHS Perfect for Pollinators Award, this flower is perfect for cutting, as well as wildlife.






Encouraging Wildlife Into Your Garden -


Foxglove – Digitalis Pink Panther

Foxglove – a definite favourite of ours at Golden Valley Plants. If you’re looking for an eye-catching plant that not only attracts wildlife but also height and interest to your garden, look no further. This traditional British wildflower is iconic and provides flowers in abundance from June through to August. Not only was this Perennial award the RHS Perfect For Pollinators award, but also the RHS Award of Garden Merit.





Salvia Blue Marvel -


Sage – Salvia Blue Marvel

One of the most popular perennials, Salvia attracts wildlife into your garden all summer long. Blue Marvel is a new variety with violet-blue flower spikes, which are much larger than similar varieties. Flowers from June through to September.

Another RHS Award of Garden Merit Winner. Also known as the ‘Black Eyed Susan’, this perennial continues to attract bees and other wildlife into your garden when other plants have finished flowering. Bees love to land on their brown central cones – flowers from July through to October.


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