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It’s hard to pick five perennials when you’ve been growing plants for over 50 years but we thought we would share some of the team’s favourites that they are planting this autumn. 

Earlier this month in our blog, Why Autumn Is The Perfect Time To Plant Perennials, we talked about the benefits of autumn planting and how it gives perennials an opportunity to focus underground on their roots with warm, moist soil and less stress from weeds and garden pests. Fast forward to next spring and gardeners reap the rewards with a head start on growth and a much stronger plant.

So what to plant, there’s plenty of choice but we’ve decided to pick five (and don’t forget they are all suitable for autumn planting and in stock on our website with 30% off) so here we go…

Five of our Favourite Perennials


These are hardy and will overwinter really well and have become increasingly popular as they look really natural in gardens, and are good at taking up space and suppressing weeds. An added bonus is that slugs don’t like them so that’s a serious win!

They love a sunny spot and moist soil and their slim stems and pompom flowers make them ideal as cut flowers. Be brave when companion planting, Geum look stunning next to a purple Salvia.

We think it’s hard to resist the Geum Scarlet Tempest, Geum Nonna and the Geum Cocktail Tequila Sunrise but we’ve plenty to choose from over on our website. 


Also known as Granny’s Bonnet they are easy to grow and a quintessential part of any cottage or wild garden. They like a sunny or partial shaded spot but don’t let them dry out. Their name comes from the latin word for eagle, some say it’s because their flowers look like an eagle’s talons. Interestingly the flowers are edible, tasting sweet and they are a popular cut flower.

We currently have a few Aguilegia in stock, colours include blues, whites and pinks and the slightly unusual William Guiness which is sure to catch attention and admiration. 


We believe they are a must in every garden, who can resist the colour of the Heuchera Marmalade the deep black leaves and beautiful pink flowers of the Heuchera Timeless Night or the sheer vibrance of the Heuchera Lime Marmalade. Whichever you choose Heuchera like to deliver, offering a solution to shaded areas where not much grows, to great ground coverage and during the summer months, pretty flowers! You are not limited by location either as they will perform well in the shade, in a pot or in a bed or border. Really hardy so they can be planted out at anytime (even winter) they are evergreen but make sure you give them a good tidy up early spring.

If you are keen to know a little more about evergreen perennials you might find this article useful. You might also notice a few other Golden Valley Plant favourites (cue Hellebores to take a bow).


We do recommend making space for some Bergenia or as they are often called, Elephants Ears. They are an evergreen perennial so their leaves provide interest in autumn through to winter. The leaves of the Bergenia Fire and Ice blush rose and bronze and will delight you with stunning white flowers flushed with pink in the spring. 

If you love a pop of pink you’ll adore the Bergenia Dragonfy Sakura with its cluster of bell shaped flowers which are sure to catch the eye!.

Bergenia are easy to grow and loved by bees and butterflies, giving early in the year nectar. You’ll get good ground coverage and they thrive in sun or shade. Low maintenance and happy in most soil types what’s not to love!


This perennial is happy in partial or dappled shade (avoid direct sunlight) so it’s often a solution for gardeners looking to fill a certain spot in their garden. In fact it’s pretty tolerant and with its fern like appearance often appears in woodland or wildlife gardens. 

Polemonium need moist well drained soil as it doesn’t like to dry out hence why we suggest a shaded spot. They do flower so make sure you deadhead regularly to encourage a second flush of flowers. In autumn we suggest cutting down to ground level and applying a little mulch to help retain moisture in the soil.

Our Polemonium Bressingham Purple flowers in April when dark purple, fern-like leaves emerge and make a lovely foil for the clusters of blue flowers that float on tall stems above the foliage.

We hope our five favourites have inspired you to get planting this autumn and to help you really make the most of this perfect time to plant don’t forget we have 30% off our perennials (offer excludes our Patio Rose Trio and Hellebores) so head over to our website and get your favourites on order today!