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Garden Jobs for September 

After a glorious summer it certainly feels like a change is coming and whilst autumn can be a wonderfully rich season of colours and change, it also marks the end of the summer and some of our favourite garden flowers.There is still a lot to do in the garden and although our summer blooms may look a little tired, your garden can continue to look interesting with some autumn pots. In our garden jobs for September, we look at a few of the things that we should be doing this month.

Autumn Pots

There are plenty of options to choose from when creating your autumn pots including cyclamen, sedum (we particularly like Mr.Goodbud), and heuchera. Remember to position your plants so that you can get the best from them, Tall plants at the back, and trailing plants should go at the front and to the side and then smaller plants can be used to weave in between the spaces left. Use good compost and fill your pots two-thirds full, pop your plants in and then fill the remainder of the pot with more compost stopping a few centimetres from the top. That’s one of your Garden Jobs for September done!

Keep What You Can Flowering!

If you have hanging baskets and pots that are still looking good, keep up with the deadheading. It’s been a dry summer so some have really struggled but if yours are flowering keep the momentum up and make sure you keep feeding them. They should keep going until the first frost with a bit of luck. 

Fill Gaps With Late Flowering Perennials

If you’re noticing gaps in the garden now there are plenty of late flowering perennials to choose from. Here are just a few to consider as part of your garden jobs for September:

Anemones – are great for adding colour to the garden late in the season when other plants are starting to fade. The dainty flowers dance in the breeze, hence the common name, Windflower.

Eryngium – popular for its blueish head colour and thistle-like appearance, these beautiful perennials make a perfect addition to any garden border.

Nepeta – a low maintenance, drought tolerant, deer resistant, long blooming, wildlife-friendly perennial that looks great all season long.

Nerine – brightly coloured flowers, perfect for beds where they can rise above smaller plants and provide bright colour in small amounts.

Salvia – Multiple award-winning and easy care make this very striking plant a firm favourite for many gardeners.

Clean The Greenhouse

It’s one of those jobs that we often don’t look forward to as it’s not much fun but there are benefits. Cleaning away moss and algae from the glass lets in more light and improves growing conditions. As winter approaches it’s essential to have your greenhouse ready for the plants that grow all year round and you can find some useful tips here. Orchids are great to grow all year round and we love the ones available from Love Orchids who are like ourselves, essentially a family-run nursery business. 

Divide Herbaceous Perennials

This is a great way to multiply your plants and it also helps to keep them healthy and ensure they continue to perform well. This process should be done every 2-5 years and involves loosening the soil around the plant so you can gently lift it from the ground without damaging the root system. Make sure you shake off any loose soil, remove dead leaves and check for buds before dividing. Depending on the plant there can be a few variations to the method so it is worth a bit of research before tackling a plant.

Keep Watering New Plants

New plants in particular still need watering until they are fully established. Keeping the soil healthy by adding organic matter helps to reduce the need for watering but it’s important to monitor these plants. There are also plant feeds and fertilisers which you can buy and we favour Natural Growers because its pets, children and other wildlife friendly.

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Many lawns took quite a battering from dry spells this summer and whilst many are now recovering it’s good to give thought to a little TLC! September is a great month for laying turf or sowing grass seed as the weather remains warm and moist so growing conditions are good. You can also apply moss killer now and once it has died set your lawn mower cutting blade a little lower so you can remove it easily. 

Plant Bulbs

As part of your garden jobs for September, if you love an early display of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils now is the time to get sowing. You’ll be amazed at how many varieties of daffodils there are and whilst we don’t do daffodils we still love to see them and Scamps Daffodils, a traditional family-run cornish business offer a huge selection.

Dream of Hellebores

We said it last month but our Gold Collection is stunning and offers an opportunity for colour in your garden throughout the winter months so we just had to mention Hellebores again! When you’ve finished your garden jobs for September, why not take a look and register to get notified as soon as they are available to purchase? 

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