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The weather looks to be warming up and with the Easter break just a few days away we thought we would share a few fun things to do with children in the garden this Easter. Below are our Happy Easter – 5 things to do with children in the garden.

Garden Cane Toppers

They make a fun addition to your garden and will act as a gentle reminder throughout the summer of happy days spent creating with little ones. You can use air drying clay or reuse  empty yoghurt pots, plastic bottles or tops. You could even use an old tennis or ping pong ball! 

If using clay you need a golf ball size amount. Shape it into a ball and poke the cane into the bottom and then gently remove. You could add natural materials to create eyes, ears etc. and if you are feeling creative shape into a butterfly or bee. When you have your desired shape and everything is in place, leave to dry. Once dry, you can paint and we suggest protecting your finished design with a coat of PVA glue.

If you are reusing yoghurt pots, bottles etc. it is a good idea to stuff them with something, to create weight and to stop the wind blowing them away. You can decorate with paint or pens but again make sure you waterproof them with a layer of PVA glue. 

Plant Sunflower Seeds

Find some little plant pots, you could always use an egg carton which you cut up and decorate first. Fill the pots with compost,we always recommend a peat-free one. You can purchase the Bulrush Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost on our website. Two or three seeds should be fine. Water and pop in the greenhouse or on a window sill. As soon as they establish themselves you can plant them outside. Then the competition to see whose grows the tallest begins and you can regularly measure and record this with your children. Think of it as a fun activity that also includes a bit of Maths!

Create Hanging Baskets and Pots

A great opportunity for children to get involved and have fun whilst learning how to plant. Include them in preparing the soil and choosing which plants go in which pot or basket. If they have their own little spade and fork they can really get stuck in, learning as they go. You could chat about the different flowers, what they do, what they like. Include some that are great for bees like the Anemone Lady Julia (Windflower) 

Decorate  Eggs

This is so simple to do but you need to prepare the egg first. BBC Food has a great article on how to prepare and decorate eggs. Don’t forget when finished you can use them as part of an Easter Egg Hunt or as decorations by hanging them from trees in the garden or carefully placing them amongst your borders and patio pots.

Make a Windmill for the Garden

These are great fun, there are lots of kits available to buy which are easy to use but alternatively you could take some inspiration from Youtube and create one out of old plastic bottles. Reuse and Recycle! 

Happy Easter!