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Summer is truly upon us, it’s been warm but also wet so the perfect time for growing, and our gardens look sumptuous. Hanging baskets, pots, and flower beds are triumphant with colour and there is so much to enjoy from roses to sweet peas to delphiniums and digitalis. July is often one of the hottest months of the year so it’s great to sit out but there is also a lot to keep on top of this month so we are sharing a few of our tips in our July Garden Jobs.

Watch Out For Pests

This is probably one of the most important, July Garden Jobs. Snails and slugs seem to be out in full force and for many of us, it feels like a constant battle to protect our favourite plants including Lupins, Hellebores, and soon-to-bloom Dahlias.

You can try a few things to stop slugs, we suggest trying: Beer Traps – Slugs seem to be attracted to beer which means you can use it to lure slugs away from your vulnerable plants. You can find out how to make one here. Another popular method is Calcium Spray – spraying plants with a protective calcium chloride solution seems to deter slugs and snails, while not harming any other wildlife. You need to remember to repeat after rain.

Keep Your Hanging Baskets, Pots, and Bedding Plants Going

You can prolong the life of plants with a good care routine. Make sure you feed, water, and deadhead regularly so they keep flowering, this is also true of roses. Remember that terracotta pots are prone to evaporation so keep them damp to stop the roots from overheating and dying.

If you are hopeful of a second flowering of early summer perennials such as geraniums and delphiniums make sure you cut them back to encourage this.

Make Sure You Are Showing Your Dahlias Some Love

They are about to bloom so make sure you are giving them a liquid feed, we stock Natural Grower which is organic, completely chemical-free, and natural, making it safe to use around children, pets, and other wildlife! They also need plenty of water and you should tie the shoots of tall varieties to sturdy stakes as they grow. We stock a wide variety of Dahlia’s if you are looking to add some to your garden this summer, some are already on offer!

Look After Your Lupins

Lupins are a popular staple of British cottage gardens, famed for their height and colour. They flower through May and June but can continue throughout the summer if adequately cared for. To get the best out of your spikes it’s important to deadhead old ones so that new ones are encouraged to come through. The second bloom can be a little smaller but it is still worth the effort. At the end of the summer, you should cut them back to give them the best chance for the following spring.

At Golden Valley Plants we love Lupins, in particular our West Country Series. They are stunning and feature heavily at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we strongly recommend you register to get notified when they are in stock.

Keep An Eye On Your Climbing Plants

We can still get bad weather in July, thunderstorms and high winds are not uncommon. As part of your July Garden Jobs, regularly check your climbing plants and tie in and train any new growth. You can prune wisteria removing any unwanted side shoots.

Help The Bees Out

Bees are so busy this time of year and will be doing their best to harvest the pollen in your garden. Make sure you have plenty of nectar-rich plants and follow these tips:

  • Fill your garden with RHS Plants for Pollinators
  • Cut your lawn less often to encourage weeds to flower.
  • Provide water.
  • Provide nesting sites for wild bees, e.g bee bricks

In The Greenhouse

Keep it tidy, regularly brushing your staging and floor will reduce debris which could harbour pests and disease. On hot days you can also dampen down the floor each morning to increase humidity, this is easy to do with a watering can and as the water dries it will create humidity throughout the day.

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