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Our gardens are now starting to flourish and are abundant with colour as many of our plants start to flower this month. It feels like all the care and attention has been worthwhile but there is still plenty to do and things to consider so we have put together just a few jobs to be thinking about this month in our June Garden Jobs.

June Garden Jobs – It’s Time For Hanging Baskets

It’s not summer if you can’t see a hanging basket and June is the perfect time to plant and position them. Go vibrant with a mix of bedding plants to create a visual delight to welcome visitors to your front door or add a talking point to your back garden as you enjoy a refreshing drink or maybe cocktail with friends!

We have a selection of speed planters available for you to choose from and they come with a free hanging basket. Speed planters are the quickest and easiest way to create beautiful hanging baskets and planted containers. Planted with 7 premium bedding plants, each speed planter combines a range of complementing colours to create a truly stunning display that will last all summer long. 

June Garden Jobs – Get Hoe-ing 

The summer months mean that weeds can get a little out of control so it’s a good idea to keep on top of them. Annual weeds (which only live for a year) and ephemeral weeds (which live for less than a year) are the easiest to control, as they are usually shallow rooted. Deep-rooted perennial weeds (which die down in the winter and re-grow each spring) will re-grow from their roots if the tops are removed or burned off. 

You can control weeds without using chemicals but you do need to keep on top of them. Hoe-ing should kill most seedlings and you can also pull them up by hand or use a garden fork. More stubborn weeds that need digging out can be controlled using a spiral, hooked or narrow-bladed tool.

June Garden Jobs – Stake Your Perennials

Tall plants look great in your borders but they can go floppy quite quickly especially if we have a particularly wet and windy day. Staking early is a good idea as the plant will often grow around the stake and hide it. You also need to be careful not to damage the plant so getting them whilst small is a good idea. Use a cane and twine and don’t tie them too tight, they like to be able to sway a little with the wind. 

June Garden Jobs – Get Mowing But Maybe Not Everywhere

Most people are mowing weekly by now, keeping your lawn in great shape is important but it’s also worth considering pollinating insects and maybe leaving just a little patch unmowed to encourage them and other wildlife into your garden. We sell a lot of RHS Plants for Pollinators and you can find out more about them here on the RHS website. You can also view our collection here; these are all great for attracting wildlife.

Great for wildlife

To keep your lawn looking good make sure you are managing any moss, overseeding, if required, any areas damaged through the winter months, feeding will help stop weeds and moss from appearing and watering may also be required, particularly if we have a bout of dry weather. 

June Garden Jobs – Pinching Out

This is important to start doing as your bedding plants start growing. It encourages bushier growth and more flowers. Pinching is a form of pruning and by taking out the main stem you are encouraging the plant to grow two new stems and therefore, become bushier. You should ideally pinch your plant as close to the leaf nodes as possible, using your fingers is probably the best way and hence why it is called ‘pinching’.

June Garden Jobs – Garden Maintenance 

This is the backbone to keeping everything in the garden in good order. Trim fast-growing hedges but always make sure you have no birds nesting before you start. Empty, mix and refill your compost bins to speed up decomposition. You can find out more about making home compost here. It’s so valuable for your garden but compost heaps also create great homes for wildlife including bees, hedgehogs and slow worms.

June Garden Jobs – Get Water Butts Ready

Another suggestion for our June Garden Jobs, if you haven’t already, is to buy yourself a water butt or a few if you have places you can put them. If we get a very dry hot summer you’ll be pleased you saved as much water as you can. With so much watering required this time of year it’s also a good way to keep the water bill down. If you are wondering how to install one take a look at B&Q’s handy How-To video.

June Garden Jobs – Do A Bit Of Garden Shopping

There is always room for one more plant, so find a moment in the shade and browse some of the great offers we currently have on our website. Our plants come in recyclable packaging with no plastic and are delivered straight to your door. We also offer a range of Natural Grower products to help keep your plants in great shape. 

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