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It’s time for 3 May Garden Jobs – A Wonderful Time in the Garden and as May gets underway it’s time to look forward to lots of activity in the garden. It’s so lovely to hear the birds singing and feel the warmth of sunnier days as we spend more and more time in the garden. Plant growth seems to speed up and flowers start to bloom. There is lots to do too, every month brings new things to think about. 

May Garden Jobs – Greenhouses

If you have a greenhouse it’s time to think about heat as we go through the summer months and into the autumn. Your plants are now vulnerable and need protection from overheating, without ventilation and shading few plants will survive without some damage. You should aim to keep your leaf temperature down to avoid damage to plant tissue. To ventilate make use of the door, roof and side vents. Shading is a little more complicated as plants also need light but you could consider blinds, shading netting and paints. You can find more useful information here.

May Garden Jobs – Time to Toughen Up

You may have heard the term ‘hardening off’, it’s when you start bringing your plants out during the day but return them to the greenhouse for the night. After about seven days you can plant them out but this transitional phase is important. Do check the weather forecast before you start. As much as May has warmer days you can still be caught out by the odd frost.

May Garden Jobs – Tidy Up The Bulbs

As pretty as they looked, many have probably died down and are looking a little untidy. Make sure you snap off dead flower heads and tidy up the foliage, it’s so important that they don’t go to seed as they need to conserve all their energy so they can be ready to flower again next spring.

May Garden Jobs – Tidy Up Perennials

If you have planted early spring perennials like Doronicums or Pulmonarias one of your May Garden Jobs is to cut back before they flower. This helps them to flower better. Taller plants may also need support. Perennials to consider planting in May include the Verbena Bampton and the Allium Millennium, a beautiful mid/late flowering Allium. Large flower heads of purple-pink flowers sat atop upright, light green stems will appear in June and July and are a magnet to all pollinating insects such as hoverflies, bees and butterflies.

May Garden Jobs – Plant Care

Spring is the perfect time to start feeding your plants so they start the growing season off strong. Nutrients are important and picking the right compost, feed and fertilisers can seem a minefield with so much to choose from our customers regularly ask us for our recommendations so we have recently added a section on plant care to our website. This includes a plant feed from Natural Grower, an organic, slow-release plant feed that is suitable for mixing into compost before planting or for use as a top dressing. It’s Vegan Society and Soil Association approved and is suitable for any plants.

May Garden Jobs - A Wonderful Time in the Garden -

1 Litre Plant Feed for Organic Growers

May Garden Jobs – Hanging Baskets and Patio Pots

So many of us like to adorn our front porches and back gardens with hanging baskets and patio pots and May is the perfect time to get started. Make sure you include a mix of colours and upright and trailing plants so you get maximum impact from your basket. Consider keeping any baskets you have planted in your greenhouse until you are sure all frosts have passed, you can then hang them outside to enjoy throughout the summer. Watering is key though, don’t let them dry out or become waterlogged. A few suggestions that we have available include the Bacopa Megacopa, the Fuchsia Trailing Voodoo and the Petunia Tumbelina Anna

May Garden Jobs – One finally note…

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