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It’s been a busy time behind the scenes at Golden Valley Plants. We’ve been preparing for spring but also planning our NEW 2023 plant collections, which you may have noticed launched this week on our website. 

The team all had their favourites for each collection but ultimately the decision was made by our expert growers. As our customers, we know you value plants that are in excellent condition, look fantastic and provide you with value for money so our grower’s choice was key in bringing together each collection. Each collection gives you a choice of three, three-litre pots or six, one-litre pots. 

As expert perennial growers (since 1972!), we know a thing or two about perennials. Our parent company recently won the Sustainability Grower of the Year Award in Germany having been named the Best Finished Plants Grower in the UK last September – so we take what we do seriously. We have quite a few perennials to choose from so what you receive may vary as each collection we send out will be carefully selected to ensure you are receiving the very best of what’s available during the season.

We’ve listened to customer feedback too, thank you for sharing! Our collections cover common challenges faced by gardeners which you may also have in your own garden but there are a few that celebrate the world of horticulture, for example, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and plants that have received awards such as the RHS Award of Garden Merit or the RHS Plants for Pollinators Award. There are also collections that purely focus on colour for those who prefer more foliage-based plants, there is one for foliage too. 

If you are new to gardening we hope these collections will also provide you with a little help to get started and give you a real boost in confidence in your garden and in yourself as a gardener. The team are always happy to help so if you have a question get in touch, you can’t stop them once they start talking plants! 

For the more experienced gardener, our collections might just introduce you to a perennial you hadn’t considered using before or they could be the perfect gift for a birthday or to mark an anniversary.

We ask you to now imagine a drum roll as we dive into our plant collections a little further, there are twelve, so you might want to pause and get a cuppa! 

NEW 2023 Plant Collections - NEW 2023 Plant Collections - NEW 2023 Plant Collections -

Award-Winning Perennials Collection

Our plant experts have carefully selected this plant collection which is inspired by the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) award-winning plants. They include plants that have received either the RHS Award of Garden Merit or the RHS Plants for Pollinators Award. 

These awards help gardeners when choosing plants as they can easily identify great value, all-round plants and those that are recognised for attracting pollinators to your garden. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about wildlife in the garden Buglife recognises the importance of saving the small things that run the planet and as gardeners, there’s a lot we can do. 

Explore Award-Winning Perennials Collection

Chelsea Perennial Plants Collection

The title probably gives this plant collection away, it’s inspired by the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and some of the award-winning plants featured. 

This plant collection has a focus on the perennials featured in the Main Avenue Gardens over the past ten years. The show is the pinnacle of horticultural excellence so this is a great opportunity to bring a little of Chelsea to your own garden, carefully selected, of course, by our expert growers. 

Explore Chelsea Perennial Plants Collection

Cottage Garden Perennial Plants Collection

Cottage Gardens are so popular and this plant collection will not disappoint. There is something a little quintessentially English about this style of garden, it evokes feelings of warm summer days, peace and tranquillity and the plants in the collection are carefully selected with this in mind. 

These gardens often feature trellises, fruit trees with flowering climbers that wrap around them, garden swings and benches, spires and an array of perennial plants that offer interest, texture and colour. 

Explore Cottage Garden Perennial Plants Collection

NEW 2023 Plant Collections -NEW 2023 Plant Collections -NEW 2023 Plant Collections -

Perennial Coastal Collection

There are many reasons to love this plant collection, you may live by the coast or just want to bring a little of a coastal garden to yours. Who can resist being drawn to a memory of a time of sea breeze and salty air but this collection also has a great purpose because these plants will flourish in sandy soil and they don’t mind a little wind (or sea breeze). 

Their texture, structure and colours lean towards what you might expect in this type of this garden. 

Explore Perennial Coastal Collection

Perennial Cool Shades Collection

If you are looking to create an area of calm in your garden this plant collection is perfect for you. The colours chosen by our plant experts will bring a sense of peace and harmony to your garden, ideal if you are looking to create a space to escape and relax. 

They will also blend well into an established garden, ideal if you are looking for a collection of perennial plants that will compliment others and add interest, texture and tone.

Explore Perennial Cool Shades Collection

Perennial Drought Tolerant Collection

Alongside plants, for shade, this plant collection features highly as one of our most asked questions from gardeners – “What can I put in this area”. It’s something we get asked a lot so we hope the plants that have been carefully selected for this plant collection will be the answer for many of you this season. 

When planning a garden it is so important to consider tricky areas like this but it is also important not to lose heart as there are plants that will do well. It is also important to consider our changing climate, summers are getting drier so adding drought-tolerant plants into the mix could prove a shrewd move in some gardens.

Explore Perennial Drought Tolerant Collection

NEW 2023 Plant Collections -NEW 2023 Plant Collections -NEW 2023 Plant Collections -

Perennial Foliage Collection

This plant collection is perfect for adding structure and texture to your garden alongside other colourful perennial plants. Celebrated for the impact their foliage brings to a garden, they can give depth to borders and soften spaces. 

Many of our foliage plants will also flower and many also bring all-year-round interest in the garden as their leaves remain through the seasons. Ideal alongside some of our hellebores perhaps? 

Explore Perennial Foliage Collection

Perennial Hot Shades Collection

This plant collection is the vibrant, fiery one. Full of impact, colour and visual delight! It packs a punch and will give a great impact to your garden transporting your thoughts to hotter climates with only a walk in your garden.

These hardy perennials will compliment each other and your garden and are wildlife friendly, there’s nothing to not like! 

Explore Perennial Hot Shades Collection

Perennial Plants For Shade Collection

As we mentioned earlier plants for shade are a question we frequently get asked so this plant collection is designed to help gardeners with this garden challenge. The plants our experts have picked fare beautifully in a shaded or dappled area of the garden and help you to bring colour, texture and structure to those darker spots. 

Don’t be put off if you have a garden with a lot of shade as there are solutions. It is important that you make sure you understand your garden’s rhythm, this means if it is shaded all day or just mornings or afternoons. It’s also a good idea to check your soil quality as it can be a little poor in shaded areas but this is easily remedied with soil conditioners, composts and mulch. 

Explore Perennial Plants For Shade Collection

NEW 2023 Plant Collections -NEW 2023 Plant Collections -NEW 2023 Plant Collections -

Perennial Wildlife Collection 

So important and we absolutely love this plant collection. Our plant experts have picked these plants to provide a safe haven and nurture our garden friends the pollinators, helping you to do what you can to fight the decline we have seen in wildlife in our gardens. 

Throughout this range, plants hold the RHS Pollinators award and are fantastic for providing those sumptuous landing pads for all pollinators. With a mixture of structural shapes, interesting textures and long-lasting colour these plants will return year after year. 

Explore Perennial Wildlife Collection 

Perennials for Ground Cover Collection

This plant collection offers a fantastic selection of hardy perennials that will give you ground coverage, perfect if you are looking to fill gaps in borders or around the base of some shrubs where nothing seems to grow. If you are looking to achieve ground coverage it’s a good idea to plant early in the spring so they have a chance to become established and spread. 

These plants stay low, creeping into gaps and providing great colour in your garden. Use them on sloping banks and rockeries to create a stunning sea of colour or to soften spaces or edges.

Selected by our experts you can be assured you’ll receive what they consider to be the best plant partners for this purpose. 

Explore Perennials for Ground Cover Collection

Perennials for Wet Soil Collection

If you’ve got a soggy spot then this plant collection is most definitely for you as they love wet soil. They can take a problem area to a thriving space full of colour, shape and texture. Our plant experts ensure that they pick the perfect plant partners for you to enjoy in your garden. 

If you are new to gardening and unsure how to tackle a wet or boggy area, or a more experienced gardener frustrated by that spot where nothing seems to grow then these plants are designed to solve your problem.

Explore Perennials for Wet Soil Collection

With so many collections to choose from we appreciate you may have questions so please use our contact form or DM us via our social channels, Facebook and Instagram