Our Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Round Up.

It’s been a year of firsts for the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show and there is certainly is a lot to celebrate! This year, the show was held in September rather than its usual traditional slot in May which saw autumnal colours, dahlias, fruit trees, grasses, echinacea, anemone and pumpkins take centre stage for the first time (and possibly last time) in its 108 year history.

The show featured its first ever organic garden by Yeo Valley, which was inspired by the real Yeo Valley organic garden and farm in Somerset and went on to win gold. The garden offers an example of the environmental benefits that organic gardening can have on protecting soil and supporting pollinators and wildlife. Find out more about the Yeo Valley Organic Garden here.

Although it is expected that the infamous event will return to May in 2022, this year’s show has highlighted the importance of autumn gardening, following on from the ‘Grow at Home’ campaign from RHS last year. Plenty can be done during this season to prepare your garden for next spring and summer due to the wet but warm soil, ensuring fast establishment and good root growth.

Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2021

This year, The Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year was awarded to the Cercis Canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’ with its adoring heart shaped leaves that change from deep red to burnt orange, to yellow. If you are wanting to bring autumn colours into your garden, we have so many wonderful plants that can do just that – take a look at our Heuchera Indian Summer Boysenberry, Sedum Little Miss Sunshine or the Crocosmia Fire King.

This year we are celebrating the show with our own Chelsea Collection, inspired by the show itself. The collection offers a selection of our favourite plants, including varieties of some of those that were shortlisted for The Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year:

Allium Millenium

Our Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Round Up - Chelsea Flower Show

Allium Millennium is a beautiful mid/late flowering Allium. Large flower heads of purple-pink flowers sat atop upright, light green stems will appear in June and July and are a magnet to all pollinating insects such as hoverflies, bees and butterflies.

Dianthus Alpine Cherry Burst 

Our Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Round Up - Chelsea Flower Show

This Alpine Pink is ideal for Spring and Autumn planting in troughs, window boxes, containers or baskets, planting in the rock garden or for edging – truly versatile!

Sedum Sunsparkler Firecracker

Our Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Round Up - Chelsea Flower Show

The Sedum Sunsparkler series provide excellent ground cover and produce small but compact brightly coloured flowers sat atop thick evergreen foliage.

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