Hellebore HGC Ice N Roses Rose Hellebore HGC Ice N Roses White

Hellebores come in a vast diversity of flower colours, boasting upright, showy flowers and strong stems. Despite their fantastic looks through winter, these perennials are quite low maintenance once established, and have a very long and late flowering period.

What are Hellebores?

They are perennials, fully hardy and easy to care for, suitable for baskets or pots, beds and borders. Particularly popular in urban gardens or with those looking to attract wildlife, they are perfect pollinators!

Hellebores are easy to position in your garden, they will go pretty much anywhere as they are happy to be exposed or sheltered. They like soil that is moist and well-drained. 

A charming winter flower, when Hellebores lay down leaves and flowers on the ground on frosty nights, they may appear frozen. It’s a normal reaction by the plants to protect against the cold. When temperatures rise above freezing, the plant will straighten back up again. 

We are an official Helleborus Gold Collection® partner and our website has a selection of Hellebores to choose from, flowering from October through to February, here we feature the Hellebore HGC® Ice N’ Roses® Merlot which flowers in February.

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