Acers are commonly known as Maples and are predominantly deciduous shrubs or trees, popular because of their distinctive ornamental look and vibrant, colourful foliage. Smaller varieties, referred to as Japanese Maples, are mostly grown in pots and planters, with larger varieties making handsome trees in a larger garden.

About Acers

What are Acers?

Acers are one of the most popular perennial garden trees/shrubs with bright and colourful foliage that puts on a vibrant display in Autumn before the leaves drop for winter. Acers are perfect for any size garden and can be kept in beds or pots and planters, depending on the space available. They offer a beautiful ornamental look thanks to their fan-like leaves and long stems.

Acers make a fantastic focal point and really come into their own during the Autumn months, when their leaves change colour and produce a vibrant display of reds, oranges or yellows. Some varieties are small and grown in pots or planters, others grow large and make for a wonderful show-piece in a lush, green garden.

Conditions and placement:

Some Acers prefer a well-protected, moderately shaded area out of the scorching summer sun. Others prefer full sun and will thrive wonderfully. Depending on the type of Acer you’re buying, it’s important to check so that you can provide the correct environment for it to grow at peak performance for many years to come. They thrive best in soils that don’t fully dry out or become waterlogged, with the best colours tending to come from neutral soil.

Caring for your plants:

Acers are best developed into maturity one pot size at a time so that their root system doesn’t run away with itself and take all the energy away from the plant itself, leaving you with not much to look at. They require a fair amount of watering as the plants are thirsty and can develop leaf scorch if left for too long without adequate supplies.

Acers for Autumn Colour

Acers are renowned for producing wild colours in the Autumn, giving us a wonderful display of bright foliage to warm the coldest of mornings and provide some much needed cheer as Summer starts to fade.

Ornamental Beauty for your garden

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