The Achillea offers attractive, fern-like foliage and beautiful tiny flowers that grow in broad crowns on the plant’s stems during the summer months. Available in a variety of shades from yellows, to reds, to pinks and purples, the Achillea will brighten up your flower beds.

Flowering: May to July.

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About Achillea

What is Achillea?

Achillea, also known commonly as Yarrow, is an herbaceous perennial plant with feathery green to grey-green leaves and form clumps of small flowers in the summertime.

Native Achillea have white flowers that bloom from May to July, with cultivated varieties available in a plethora of bright colours including yellows, oranges, pinks, purples and reds. It is said that the Achillea is named after Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War.

Placement, Conditions and Dimensions

They tend to prefer full sun, so do well in South-facing, exposed beds. They can however do well in most areas, sheltered or otherwise, if given enough sunlight. Their ultimate height will vary depending on the species and conditions but you can expect them to grow between 10cm and 50cm in height, with a spread about the same. The plant is fully mature after around 3-4 years.

Achillea are not too fussy about soil types, being able to thrive in chalky, loamy, sandy and clay soils as long as well drained. They are a hardy deciduous spreading plant with short-lived summer colours that come back each year.

Great for cut and dried flowers

They are popular plants for cutting and drying, making excellent specimens after hanging in a cool, dry space.

Bright colours for your borders

They are perfect for mixed borders and cottage gardens, contrasting well with other plants, with dwarf species making excellent rockery plants. Generally trouble free and low maintenance, they’re a welcome addition in any garden.

Brighten up your garden

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