Agapanthus are commonly known as African Lily and feature mounded strap-like leaves that form in clumps, with tall, elegant stems and loosely balled flowers that come in a range of colours, most famously in blue.

About Agapanthus

What are Agapanthus?

Agapanthus are a popular garden and patio plant with long leaves and tall flowers that grow up to 6ft tall. They prefer a sunny spot and bloom from June to August, depending on the variety.

Agapanthus are famous for their tall stems and ball-shaped flower heads that feature clusters of beautiful blue, purple and sometimes white flowers with a trumpet-like appearance. They tend to flower during summer and produce blooms of eye-catching flowers that make borders look amazing.

A genus of herbaceous perennials, the leaves are strap-like and leathery, growing up to 2ft in length and forming clumps at the base of the tall flower stems.

Agapanthus generally prefer a sunny spot in well drained soil and can be grown successfully in beds or pots. Some species of Agapanthus are deciduous and fully hardy, with leaves dying down over the winter. Others are evergreen and prefer the shelter of a greenhouse over winter.

When planting it’s best to pick a sunny spot that doesn’t get waterlogged over the winter so the plants can grow to their best. If planting several, it is a good idea to keep them about a foot apart to give the clumps room to expand. If planting in pots, the ideal size is around 9in, to give them room to grow but not produce too many offshoots.

Caring for your plants:

Agapanthus require watering regularly in the first year’s flowering season but subsequent years require less water, with regular watering in very dry times to keep them going.

Feed them in early Spring with a balanced fertiliser when growth begins. If potted, it’s a good idea to feed every couple of weeks from April until you start to see flowers begin to show.

When the flowers have gone, cut them off at the base to encourage more vigorous growth next season and remove yellow leaves in Autumn.

Evergreen varieties will need protecting over winter either with a ground covering or if potted, moving to a sheltered, frost-free area such as a greenhouse.

Agapanthus for Summer Delight

Agapnthus are renowned for producing tall, blue, trumpet-shaped flowers in a spherical flower head during the Summer months, adding stature and elegance to any garden with their eye catching blooms. With a range of colours available, you can create some truly mesmerising displays by either dotting them around or planting in concert, side by side.

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