Alchemilla offers plumes of verdant flowers throughout Summer and whilst more understated than other plants, it brings a carpet of green that creates a beautiful accent around the garden.

About Lady’s Mantle

What is Alchemilla?

Alchemilla, or Lady’s Mantle is a perennial plant that is very easy to grow, adapts to most soils and can thrive in sun or shade.

Alchemilla is a herbaceous perennial plant, native to the Jura and Western Alps that includes a native UK species from the higher regions of England and Scotland.

Easy to grow in most soils, light levels and conditions it is a favourite amongst gardeners thanks to its low maintenance and space-filling foliage.

As an abundant seed producer, it can be invasive, so should be maintained from season to season to ensure that it doesn’t take over your space.

The flowers of the Alchemilla are entirely green, formed with sepals rather than petals. The leaves, which can grow up to 4in wide fold like an umbrella overnight.

It is a great early food source for bees, attracting them with its honey-like flower smell and can be cut back once the flowers wilt to encourage more vigorous growth and abundant flowers in future, helping you to maintain a great environment for pollinators.

Growing Alchemilla

Lady’s Mantle makes a great contrast in between brightly coloured plants. They form a clump of around 1 to 2ft wide and tall, ideally suited to being planted in the front of your border bed.

A versatile grower, Alchemilla doesn’t tend to suffer from pests and doesn’t mind what type of soil it’s planted in, but care should be taken to cut it back to prevent it taking over.

It’s a drought-tolerant plant once established, although watering in high heat or dry spells a good idea to prevent leaf scorching.

The best time to prune is after the flower heads have started to wither. This promotes stronger flowering next season and stops it from growing out of control by seeding all over the place.

If you do spot any Alchemilla growing in undesired locations, simply pull up by the root before flowering to prevent it bedding in.

Add some cottage garden beauty

Alchemilla are one of the more elegant and understated plants in the garden, sometimes overlooked because they don’t produce wild colours. Once blooming though, it is a very eye-catching plant that looks great through the Summer and goes well with Spring and Summer bloomers to provide contrast.

Lady’s Mantle

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