Allium is a drought tolerant perennial plant that thrives in a sunny location. Its common name is Ornamental Onion and it stands very tall in the garden, dwarfing other plants.

About Ornamental Onion

What is Allium?

Allium, or Ornamental Onion is from the same species as the onion, garlic, shallot, chive and leek, with its origins in the old world, known in Latin as Allium Sativum, which translates to ‘cultivated garlic’.

Allium is an ornamental perennial plant from the same family as the humble onion, with ball-shaped flower heads resplendent in purple, blue, pink and white varieties.

Cultivated for centuries they are a popular addition to any border, particularly well suited to being central or at the back to add height and stature to your arrangements.

They also make for great cut flowers and dried flower displays.

Growing Allium

Alliums are easy to grow, love the sun and flower in the Spring and early Summer.

Planting is normally best in the Autumn and want a sunny spot with well drained soil that has a bit of shelter from the wind to stop them getting blown around.

Although drought tolerant, Allium will need regular watering if kept in pots or planters. If you’re planting them in a flower bed though, little to no watering is required once established.

Plant heads can be cut off at the base or left to seed as they are.

Overwintering is no problem in beds as they are fully hardy plants but if in a container they will want some sheltering to survive.

Typical pests for Allium are similar to those that cause issues with onions, such as slugs, snails and leaf miners. Typical treatment for these is fine to keep them under control.

Enliven your flower beds

Allium are an impressive, tall and vibrant plant that looks fantastic in any garden. They are easy to grow and require little maintenance whilst rewarding you with beautiful blooms and attractive seed heads every year. A real crowd pleaser and perfect addition.

Ornamental Onion

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