Alstroemeria also known as Peruvian Lily offers an impressive, colourful display in the garden with its range of bright hues and contrasting tonal variations.

About Peruvian Lily

What is Alstroemeria?

Alstroemeria is a favourite in cottage gardens with clusters of flowers similar to the lily, with bright, tonally varied trumpet-like flowers that come in purples, yellows, oranges, reds and creamy white varieties.

Alstroemeria has been cultivated over the years to produce a long growing season, offering brightly coloured flowers from June right through to October.

It produces clusters of brightly coloured flowers that grow in full sun, preferring a sheltered spot in fertile and well-drained soil.

They will come back year after year as long as they’re not planted in soil that retains a lot of water over the winter.

If you remove faded blooms regularly, Alstroemeria will keep producing vivid flowers until the Autumn and plants will die back in winter to return in the Spring.

A fantastic addition to any flower bed or planter, Alstroemeria is a spectacular plant that’s easy to grow and create long-lasting cut flowers.

Growing Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria flower best in full sun, but don’t enjoy a location that is too exposed to the elements, so planting at the base of a wall or fence that enjoys full sun is your best option.

They enjoy a fertile soil so when planting, put plenty of organic compost or well-rotted manure into the mix for best results.

They’re generally a drought tolerant plant that requires little watering once established, other than in dry periods to encourage continued flowering.

Deadheading is done once the flower has faded. To encourage further growth, pick the whole stem from the plant.

In your garden borders, Peruvian Lily will not need much care over winter beyond a layer of mulch to protect young roots in the first year or two.

Container-based plants are best moved to a spot that doesn’t freeze, to aid future growth.

Eye catching party pieces

Alstroemeria come in a range of beautifully bright colours and create a gorgeous display in your beds and planters. They flower for the whole Summer and into late Autumn whilst others begin to fade, giving you a vibrant garden until the frosts come.

Peruvian Lily

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