Angelonia is native to South America and is an herbaceous annual belonging to the family Plantaginacaea. It produces long flower heads that are similar to Snapdragons in appearance.

About Angelonia

What is Angelonia?

Annual plant that grows up to 18in and enjoys full sun. Blooming in the Summer, this beautiful bedding plant comes in a variety of bright colours and is a favourite in gardens. Angelonia offers a notably fruity scent that is especially strong during warm summer evenings.

Angelonia are a hardy annual plant with long blooming, nectar-rich flowers that grow in lance-shaped clusters on a long stem. They flower through the Summer and can be found in many different shades of bright colours.

They are a sun-loving plant, requiring sun all day to sustain their blooms and are tolerant of most soils as long as they’re well-drained and nutrient-rich.

Angelonia plants are drought-tolerant and will continue blooming throughout the dry, hot Summer months without too much bother. Water occasionally but don’t over-do it to keep them in their best shape during the blooming season.

They are sometimes referred to as Summer Snapdragons due to their visual similarity to the snapdragon plant, with the addition of the word Summer to denote the season-long blooming habit of this beautiful plant that outlives its namesake in the flowering stakes.

The duration of flowering and the vibrant colours it comes in are key to its popularity.

Growing Angelonia

Angelonia are best planted in late Spring once all sight of frost has passed. When planting, take care to site them somewhere they can enjoy 6+ hours of sun to ensure you get the full benefits of their magnificent blooms.

As long as your soil is well drained, Angelonia should tolerate it. If you’ve got heavy clay soil in your garden, it’s probably better to grow them in raised beds.

You shouldn’t need to water the plants too much. Overwatering is OK as long as the soil drains well. Being drought-tolerant, they will happily grow and bloom throughout the hottest, driest months without much intervention.

You don’t need to deadhead Angelonia necessarily, but cutting back will give you further blooms.

Aphids can be an issue, as with other plants. They are most vulnerable early in the season when growth is most vigorous, so keep an eye out and give the plants a spray a couple of times a week with your usual anti-aphid spray to prevent pant degradation.

Angelonia for Summer-long blooms

Angelonias are bright and long-flowering annuals that brighten up any garden during the hot Summer months. They’re low-maintenance and drought-tolerant, offering abundant flowers in a sunny location, with sweet-smelling scent that is attractive to pollinators.

Enjoy Summer Snapdragons

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