Antirrhinum is more commonly known as Snapdragon and is available in a range of colours, heights and flower varieties. It’s a staple in gardens during the Summer months and is so-called because of the way the flower opens when squeezed at the sides.

About Snapdragons

What is Antirrhinum?

Antirrhinum is a popular annual plant with an upright habit and long stems that produce spear-shaped flower heads of abundant and colourful blooms in a wide range of colours. Snapdragons are native to Europe, the USA and Africa and are widely used as an ornamental plant during the Summer months.

Antirrhinum are more famously known as Snapdragons and are widely used as Summer-blooming ornamental flowers in flower beds for their striking appearance and statuesque presence.Antirrhinum are easy to grow and come in a range of colours and heights, so they’re suitable for a variety of situations.

Popular amongst children, these cheerful plants have a great character and provide entertainment through their opening mouths that resemble a dragon’s mouth when squeezed.

Antirrhinum are great pollinators and attract bees with their succulent nectar. They tend to flower between June and October, make great cut flowers that last well in water.

Growing Antirrhinum

Snapdragons like a well-drained moist soil in a sunny spot in the garden.

They are pretty drought-tolerant, requiring a good watering once a week during long dry spells.

If you pick the flowers Antirrhinum will keep blooming throughout the Summer, giving you months of enjoyment in the garden and some beautiful, long-lasting cut flowers in vases inside.

Antirrhinum are pretty pest-resistant, with only aphids to worry about. Usually a quick spray with your favourite aphid-treatment twice a week in the early stages of growth will take care of the aphid problem.

They can fall prey to Antirrhinum rust, a fungal disease that appears as dark brown circles on the underside of their leaves, so this is something to watch for as it can kill the plant if not treated before spreading. If you spot yellow patches or white pwdery growth on the leaves, these are downy or powdery mildews and can be avoided by watering at the base rather than from above.

Antirrhinum create vibrant gardens

Antirrhinum are a colourful annual bedding plant that offers fun for kids and bees alike. Full of character, their “mouths” snap open and shut when squeezed which has been a constant source of fascination amongst children for generations.

Their plants produce great nectar which will attract pollinators right through the season, creating a haven for bees and birds throughout the Summer months. Add to that their graceful beauty and vibrant colours and you have an all-round winner in any garden.

Enjoy Snapdragons

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