Arenaria are great for rock gardens or path edging, quickly filling in any gaps in between pavers, setts and rocks. They are also known as Mountain Daisy thanks to their familiar appearance and quick-growing nature.

About Mountain Daisy

What is Arenaria?

This popular plant is a mat-forming (wide spreading) herbaceous perennial that produces attractive white or yellow flowers and dense green foliage. It is a genus of Caryophyllaceae, more commonly known as sandworts.

Arenaria are a favourite in garden borders and rockeries, with a wide spreading growth pattern that forms ground-covering mats in flower beds, or cascades of green and white when growing from height.

Flowering from May to June, Arenaria is an abundant flowerer, producing spectacular arrays of saucer-shaped flowers, giving growers an amazing display of bright colour.

They are particularly popular in between flagstones or along walls and troughs, thanks to their fast growth and abundance of flowers that trail from myriad leaves on their long, flowing stems.

Growing Arenaria

Arenaria like full sun and normal or sandy soil that’s well drained. They’re not too fussy on acidity and will tolerate drought, making them a relatively care-free and rewarding plant. They tend to flower between May and June, offering a fantastic display as we move towards the warmer, longer days.

Ideal for alpine and rock gardens, containers and edging, they grow to around 5 to 10cm high and spread to around 12 inches.

Plant out in early Spring in a well-drained soil that is sandy and not too fertile for best results.

No pruning necessary but deadheading will prolong flowering and prevent self-seeding if desired.

There are generally few pests and diseases to worry about with Arenaria.

Arenaria create amazing rockeries

Arenaria is a bright, colourful, low-growing plant that thrives in poor or sandy soil. They grow fervently in tight spaces, so they create amazing rockeries and in dry stone walls. Their wide spread and abundance of flowers creates a waterfall effect from high spots and a cushion-like mat of colour in flower beds.

Enjoy Mountain Daisy

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