Argyranthemum are perfect for brightening up your Summer bedding displays, offering vibrant colours and plenty of growth to train easily.

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What is Argyranthemum?

Argyranthemum is a sun-loving, tender plant that likes well-drained soil but isn’t too fussy about the type of soil it’s planted in. It grows to around a metre high and 3ft wide and is most commonly grown with white flowers, resembling daisies, with pale and bright yellow or pink variants available to provide dazzling contrast in the garden.

Argyranthemum is a popular daisy-like evergreen perennial that grows well in moderately fertile, well drained soil and performs best in full sun. It’s a showy plant with vibrant colours and is attractive to bees and birds with its fragrant pollen.

Hailing from the Asteracae family, which consists of over 32K varieties and commonly referred to as Aster, Daisy or Sunflower, depending on which of the 1900 generas they belong to, Argyranthemum flowers from late Spring to Autumn and can be prolonged by deadheading.

They are versatile plants and as long as they are situated in a sunny location, can be grown in beds, pots, planters and containers happily.

Growing Argyranthemum

They’re best planted in an area that gets plenty of sun, as previously mentioned, although an area with some midday shade will prevent leaf scorching in very hot periods.

Argyranthemum can be grown in sandy, clay, loamy, acidic, alkaline or neutral soils as long as they are well drained.

Due to their overall size reaching around 1m x 0.9m, they are best planted somewhere in the mid-ground of a bed, to show themselves off to their best and ideally planted a foot or so apart to allow them to spread properly.

Feed with liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks during early Spring to promote growth and deadhead wilted flowers to promote longer flowering periods during Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Argyranthemum makes the best of sunny days

With its bright and cheerful appearance, the Argyranthemum creates a vivid display in the garden and creates an amazing space that’s absolutely bursting with colour.

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