Aster are perfect for brightening up your Autumn flower displays, offering vibrant colours and beautiful shapes to delight as Summer fades away.

About Aster

What is Aster?

Aster is a daisy-like plant with vibrantly coloured flowers that bloom from late Summer, through the Autumn. They are great pollinators, attracting bees and offering a much-needed supply of pollen at the tail-end of the typical flowering season.

Aster is a popular daisy-like plant, famed for its late blooming and vibrant colours that light up the garden as others start to fade. They can reach up to 4ft high typically and have a spread of 3 to 4ft, with flowers as small as 2cm or as large as 5cm, depending on the variety, of which there are over 600 in the world.

Predominantly blue or lilac in colour, there are many that range in colours from whites to pinks, to purples. Some varieties can grow up to 1m tall and their habit can vary from bushy to upright.

Aster leaves can vary quite a bit, from dark green, almost black, to lush green, in stark contrast to their joyful flowers.

Growing Aster

Asters aren’t too fussy about the soil type, be it loam, chalk, sandy, acidic, alkaline or neutral as long as it is well drained. They tend to like a lot of sun, although it is best to provide some midday shade in the hotter months to avoid scorching.

Generally, they like moist but not wet soil so water from early growth until they’ve finished flowering, being careful to avoid watering the leaves directly so as to avoid causing fungus or mildew.

When planting, allow 1ft to 2ft of space between Asters to allow them to spread fully. Adding mulch to the surrounding soil will help keep them moist and prevent weed build up around them.

Feed with a balanced fertiliser every couple of weeks in early season to promote growth, dividing every 2 to 3 years to keep them in their optiimal growing condition for years to come.

Aster brightens up your Autumn

Aster is a star in the garden that comes to the fore as Summer fades into Autumn. It brings vivid colour and beautiful shape to your pots, planters and flower beds as the days shorten and temperatures start to cool.

Enjoy Autumnal Blooms

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