The Astilbe presents an amazing summer show with fluffy flower spikes of various shades of red, pink or white. If the seeds stay in place, they will also provide winter interest. There are many varieties from large, quirky specimens for wide borders to compact cultivars for containers and everything in between. They are very hardy and thrive in damp and shady places, marsh gardens and ponds.

Flowering: June to July.

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About Astilbe

What is Astilbe?

Astilbes are very valuable plants because they bring colour and texture to difficult, damp, and shady places in the garden.

From late spring to summer, Astilbe grow glossy, fern-like leaves and great plumes of vibrant, colourful flowers that produce a wealth of elegant, feather-like styles.

These fluffy feathers gave them the common name of “false goat’s beard”. They come in different sizes, from small marginal plants to tall varieties up to 2m in height.

Brighten up shady spots in the garden

Astilbe plants are perfectly matched with other shade-tolerant plants such as Hosta and Rogersias, making them ideal for forest-style planting plans.

They thrive in shady or partially shady spots in the garden and do better in damper soil. They cannot tolerate dry soil. However, as long as the soil does not dry out, they can tolerate more sunlight, so they can be good plants for boggy gardens or planting near the water.

Low maintenance, colourful delights

They are reliable perennials, requiring little maintenance. This will regenerate your plants and increase your inventory. Divide astilbe in Autumn for flowering in Spring.

Astilbe are mostly trouble-free with very few pests taking an interest. Vine weevils are the only real potential issue, which will eat at the leaves and roots of the plant, requiring treatment in late summer if they make an appearance.

As long as they grow under the right conditions, they are easy to care for. For the most part, you only need to prune the plants after their blooms retreat and divide them every three to four years.

Brighten up your shady spots with Astilbe

They don’t like a lot of sun, so if you’ve got a shady area in your garden, planting them will bring beauty, colour and vibrance. Astilbes are fine in a planter or pot on patios and balconies, aking them a versatile choice for traditionally more difficult areas to grow flowers.

Brighten up your garden

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