Astrantia are perfect for brightening up your shadier spots in the garden with their unusual and striking flowers that create vibrant starbursts of green, pink, purple and red.

About Masterwort

What is Astrantia?

Also known as Masterwort, Astrantia are a group of perennial plants that produce brightly coloured, bulbous flower heads on wiry, upright stems standing up to 2ft high.

Astrantia is a somewhat unsung hero of the garden, often overlooked in favour of other more trendy plants. It’s a native to Southern and Eastern Europe from the apiaceae family of plants that more well known breeds come from that in contrast to the Masterwort, enjoy full sun.

It flowers from June to September, giving great value and creating a striking display in otherwise drab areas of the garden or patio.

It grows to a full height of between 1ft and 2ft generally and comes in a wide range of striking colours. What makes Astrantia so striking is its unusual flower head with both starry shaped coloured petals and a bulbous clump of florets in the centre, giving it a starburst or firework-like look.

The flowers are often contrastingly coloured, with whites, reds, pinks and purples on display depending on the variety.

Growing Astrantia

Astrantia is an easy to grow and largely low maintenance plant that prefers a moist, fertile soil and needs to be watered regularly during the dry season. Fertilising  once or twice a year will promote its long term health.

It prefers a fully or partially shaded spot, which is one of its main strengths, giving an option for vibrant displays in a part of the garden that doesn’t get much or any direct sunlight.

Deadheading regularly will prolong the flowering, as will cutting them before they wilt for use as cut flowers.

Although not prone to attack from slugs, they can be affected by aphids and leaf miners, so monitoring and utilising normal pest removal products is advised.

To avoid mildew building up, try watering away from the leaves.

Astrantia brightens up shady spots

Astrantia is a bright and colourful plant that creates striking displays in shady garden spots. Equally at home in pots, planters or flower beds it makes a perfect addition to your outside space and provides years of returning blooms.

Enjoy Masterwort

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