Aubrieta are also known as False Rock Cress and create fantastic ground cover with lush leaves and tiny, colourful flowers, making them ideal for edging and rockeries.

About False Rock Cress

What is Aubrieta?

Sometimes spelled Aubretia, the False Rock Cress is part of the cabbage family. It is a hardy, evergreen, low-spreading perennial plant that produces small pink, purple, violet or white flowers.

Aubrieta is a carpet-forming ‘rock plant’ that happily grows between rocks and pavers. They are generally associated with having green leaves and purple flowers, although other coloured flowers are available.

Their evergreen nature provides a year-round appeal, even after flowering, with their mat of wide spreading foliage providing an eye-catching display against rocks or walls.

Aubrieta grow to around 10cm high and 45 cm wide, enjoying a south or west-facing aspect and if planting in beds, are most effective towards the front, due to their low-lying nature.

Growing Aubrieta

Aubrieta are a sun-loving plant and will tolerate most conditions where soil is well-drained, so can be planted almost anywhere that gets enough light, making them popular rockery plants.

They prefer a light and sandy soil and look their best when cascading down a wall.

It is an attractive plant to pollinators, even though not fragrant to us, so will benefit the bees that visit immensely.

Over time it can become bald in the centre with flowers further out and can look a bit straggly, so cutting back regularly after flowering will help to maintain its lush appearance.

Aubrieta is a hardy plant that requires little care or maintenance beyond this and will rarely experience any pest problems, aside from downy mildew if grown in damper locations.

Divide in early Autumn to increase your coverage, replanting about a foot apart.

Aubrieta rocks!

The quintessential rock plant, Aubrieta offers a flowing cascade of colour in walls and around edges of paving that’s hard to beat for year-round appeal, offering beautiful and striking blooms in the early Spring.

Enjoy Aubretia

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