Bay Tree are great for creating eye-catching and smart looking shapes at an entrance or on your patio. Their upmarket feel adds real glamour to any area.

About Laurus Nobilis

What is Bay Tree?

The bay tree is one of the most favoured shrubs to adorn external doorways, patios and courtyards thanks to its graceful beauty and neatness when clipped to shape. Bay leaves are famed for their fragrance in cooking, making this a truly versatile plant that brings a lot to the party.

Bay Tree are evergreen shrubs also known as Laurus Nobilis, Sweet Bay and Bay Laurel. With its good looks and visual stature it works well and is widely used in pairs aside front doors, porchways and in borders.

Its fragrant nature makes it a perfect feature plant in herb gardens and when picked and used in cooking, fresh or dried bay leaves add fragrance and depth to soups, stews and other popular dishes.

Bay Tree is often cultivated in pyramid or lollipop shapes and is easily kept in shape with pruning to keep it looking its best. You’ll normally find these in pots or planters, standing in pairs aside doorways, offering a welcoming sight to visitors, but they’re also popular topiary shrubs and work well in most situations.

Growing Bay Tree

Bay Tree are easy to grow and care for, perfect for growing in pots and containers with a simple clip once or twice a year to keep them in good shape.

They like a sheltered spot, away from harsh winds and enjoy plenty of sun, with some shade in the hottest part of the year.

They require well drained, fertile soil and regular watering during the Summer. Winter months require less watering as long as they are not allowed to dry out. Conversely, they don’t fair well if the roots are allowed to stand in water for long periods of time, so planting in raised pots or containers with drainage holes is a must for their long-term health.

Every couple of years it’s a good idea to re-pot your bay trees and they can be fed in between pot changes with compost or slow-release fertiliser to keep them going.

The bay tree is a pretty hardy shrub and can withstand most temperatures down to around -4 degrees C, although in winter it might be beneficial to provide additional protection from frost, especially when young.

You can find pests and diseases attack your shrubs and a great article on the different ways to overcome any issues you might encounter is here.

Beautiful shape, fantastic taste.

The bay tree is a very popular shrub in British gardens, thanks to its appearance and its fragranct leaves. It creates a really smart look to your entrances and offers great flavour to your home cooked dishes. A real winner all-round.

Enjoy Bay Laurel

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