Bergenia are easy to grow perennials that offer plenty of colour and ground cover, with leathery leaves that hold up all year round, tolerating extremes of temperature.

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What is Bergenia?

Bergenia is a clump-forming evergreen perennial plant that grows upright and colourful flowers that rise above leathery leaves that are themselves full of character. It flowers in Spring and provides attractive foliage for flower arrangements, or as a feature along borders and beds.

Bergenia are colourful plants that work brilliantly when planted in groups at the front of borders, creating a bright and succulent looking display. Growing up to 37cm tall and 30cm wide, they are easy to grow and will tolerate temperature extremes.

With their large and leather-like leaves, they make a fantastic year-round companion to plants that flower during different seasons, remaining attractive throughout the year as their looks change before, during and after flowering.

Bergenia have an upright stem that grows from clumps of glossy leaves with bell-shaped flowers in pinks, purples, reds and whites.

Growing Bergenia

Bergenia doesn’t mind whether it’s in sun or shade, nor if the soil is not that great. They are tough plants that will grow more or less anywhere where there is well-drained soil and plenty of light. If grown in poor soil, the leaves turn more red in colour.

The optimum time to plant Bergenias is early in the Autumn, which gives them time to establish before flowering in late Winter or early Spring. If planted in Summer, be sure to water regularly until established.

Rich soil is their preference, so planting along with plenty of organic matter is advisable for the best results.

Avoid waterlogged soil as this can cause root-rot and damage the plants.

The great thing about Bergenia is they will grow where other plants fail, so they are suitable for more tricky locations in the garden where others struggle to get going.

Versatile, Colourful Perennials.

Bergenias are one of the most versatile perennials, thanks to their ability to tolerate most soils, positions and weather conditions. Perfect for rock gardens, shade gardens, woodland gardens or sunny patios, their versatility and beautiful foliage makes them a firm favourite with us.

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