Campanula are easy to grow perennials that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with abundant flowers that resemble bells so much, their common name was given as Bellflower.

About Bellflowers

What is Campanula?

Campanula is a versatile family of perennial plants that can be either mat-forming or tall and arching, depending on the variety. Generally found with purple and pink flowers, they often come in whites and mauves, too. Their distinctive bell or star-shaped flowers make them a firm garden favourite.

Campanula are traditional, cottage garden plants with star or bell-shaped flowers that tend to come in shades of blue, pink and purple. Normally they will bloom in the late Spring and early Summer.

Their common name is bellflower and they have green, lance-like foliage that is fully hardy and generally deciduous, although some varieties are evergreen.

The word Campanula is latin of origin, meaning ‘small bell’, which is perfectly descriptive of this celebrated plant, during dewy mornings. As the day rolls on the flowers open to a star shape that fully displays its impressive colour and shape.

Growing Campanula

They are an easy to grow plant that’s simple to care for. They are tolerant of most types of soil and don’t tend to succumb to disease easily.

Most varieties will prefer a sunny spot and once established will be drought tolerant. It’s best to water it regularly when it is growing, to ensure maximum blooms and be sure not to let them sit in water-logged soil.

They don’t like too much fertiliser and when you do use it, better to use one high in phosphorous as opposed to nitrogen, since this encourages growth without making the plant too sappy, that can lead to slugs and snails taking a liking to the leaves.

Dead-heading once the flowers have gone over will encourage continued flowering throughout the season. Some varieties are self-seeding, so need to be cut back if you don’t want them to spread throughout the garden.

Bellflowers don’t need pruning unless they grow out of control, but pinching dead flowers off is the best way to keep them going through the season and looking their best.

Versatile, Colourful Bellflowers.

Campanula come in a variety of types. You can find those that stand tall or those that form trails and mats of colour, so whatever you’re looking for, there’s a Campanula for it. They’re even happy in rockeries. In fact any light soil that’s well drained will give them an ideal place to grow.

Enjoy Campanula

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