Conifer are easy to grow and low maintenance trees and shrubs that add structure to pots, beds and hedgerows. Their evergreen appearance and often pyramid shape makes them garden icons.

About Conifers

What is Conifer?

Conifer is a given name to any tree or shrub that is evergreen and bears cones. Many different types of trees and shrubs fall into this category, including Cypress, Yew, Pine, Spruce, Larch, Fir, Juniper and Sequoia. The name comes from the latin “conus” (cone) + “ferre” (bear).

Conifer (pinophyta) offer a low maintenance, colourful display and bring structure and stature to parts of the garden that cannot be achieved with anything else. The typical conifer is pyramid shaped with attractive leaves in verdant shades.

Some varieties have a distinctive smell, others offer distinctive seeds, but all create a presence wherever they are placed.

There are over 600 types of conifer, all with their own unique leaf shapes, aromas and shades of colour.

Some varieties are lollipop shaped, others are spirally cultivated to produce unique shapes in the garden, or at entrance-ways and offer an attractive feature look.

Other varieties are cultivated for their low-growing, carpet-like appearance for providing great ground cover with minimal effort.

Whichever pinophyta you choose for your garden, or combination of conifers to brighten up your beds, they are sure to provide years of invaluable enjoyment.

Growing Conifer

They are not a demanding plant and can be fertilised once a year with general purpose fertiliser in the winter.

They like a moist soil over winter, so mulching them with bark is a good idea once fertilising has been done, to conserve as much water as possible and keep the weeds at bay.

They rarely need watering except when first planted in which case it’s important to water regularly to help them bed-in. Once that’s done though, you shouldn’t need to water very often except in the very dry season.

Trimming rather than cutting back branches is the optimal way to keep them tidy, as they don’t tend to grow well from old wood.

Add some green to your garden.

Conifer are fabulously green trees and shrubs that keep their gorgeous colours all year round. They are a brilliant addition to any garden and create a sense of balance and structure in any setting. Easy to care for and very little work is required to keep them looking stunning, especially against very brightly coloured plants in pinks, yellows and purples.

Enjoy Conifer

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