Coreopsis are bright and cheerful plants that flower during the Summer and make great attractions for bees. They are easy to grow and reliable bloomers.

About Tickseed

What is Coreopsis?

Coreopsis is also known as Tickseed and is a popular garden plant thanks to its beautiful, bright blooms. It’s a native of North America, cultivated widely throughout the world and gets its familiar name from the tick-shaped seeds it bares.

Coreopsis (tickseed) is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant and long-lasting bloomer that grows in clumps and features masses of upright yellow, pink and dual-coloured blooms, depending on the variety.

Birds and bees love tickseed, with the latter enjoying its abundant blooms during summer and the latter picking off its hearty crop of seeds in the Autumn.

They can be annuals or perennials depending on the species and all feature daisy-like flowers that bloom throughout the Summer and often into the Autumn with careful pruning.

Growing Coreopsis

Tickseed is an easy to grow plant without much maintenance attached. They grow moderately so won’t take over a garden bed the moment they’re planted, giving you plenty of enjoyment and less of a workload keeping them in good order.

They are best grown in a sunny spot and planted in soil that has good drainage. If planting close to each other, leave a 30cm to 40cm gap to allow the plants to spread as they mature.

The best type of soil for Coreopsis is loamy or sandy, with a neutral pH level. In other words, anywhere fussy plants refuse to grow.

Water regularly after planting and when plants are young to ensure healthy growth. Once established they will only need watering when the soil becomes dry.

The only real threats to watch out for are slugs and snails, which like their juicy leaves. If it’s in an area of poor aeration your plant may succumb to fungi in continually damp conditions, so best to give it some room and not keep it in a corner.

They don’t need fertiliser and using it can cause it to produce less rather than more blooms as your Coreopsis puts its energy into becoming larger as a plant.

Add some flair to your garden.

The showy flowers of the Coreopsis make it a firm favourite amongst gardens with a sunny aspect. They are perfect for brightening up borders and come in a variety of colours to create eye catching displays that bloom throughout the Summer months.

Enjoy Coreopsis

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