Dahlia are available as bedding plants (annuals) and perennials (return year after year) with many different colours and shapes.

About Dahlias

What is Dahlia?

They are easy to grow perennials and bedding plants that flower from Summer right through the Autumn, enjoying lots of sun and producing vividly coloured, showy flowers that are a favourite amongst gardeners.

Dahlia can grow up to 5ft tall and spread to 3ft wide, depending on the variety and can be found in single-colour and multi-hued varieties in reds, whites, yellows, pinks, purples and more.

They are easy to grow and are tolerant of most soils, which helps to broaden their appeal. We stock a wide range of perennial dahlias and dahlia bedding plants so whatever you’re looking for, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Growing Dahlia

When planting, wait for the threat of frost to pass before getting started as they don’t like a cold soil. They will do much better in well-drained soil but can cope with most conditions.

They want to sit about 6in to 8in deep in the ground, ideally.

When planting, introduce a little manure or general purpose fertiliser to help them get established. Water regularly but not too often once the plants appear to be growing, or if planting a grown plant to avoid root-rot and if planting multiple plants next to each other, allow a 15 to 30cm gap between plants so that they have a chance to spread a bit.

Dahlias tend to need frost protection over the winter, where covering with bark chips once you’ve cut back the plant will normally suffice until the Spring when growth will resume.

They are best left without mulch if you can so the sun can get to their roots and provide the warm, dry conditions they enjoy.

They are attractive to slugs, mites and aphids, so keep an eye on your leaves throughout the season and treat as you normally would to inhibit these pests and stop them damaging your beautiful plants.

Add some brightness to your garden.

The showy flowers will provide an eye-catching and beautiful display throughout the latter Summer months and into Autumn, keeping your garden looking bright and cheerful and giving you a lot of enjoyment. Easy to grow and care for, these are a great choice for anyone who loves bright flowers and has a sunny spot to keep them.

Enjoy Dahlias

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