Delphiniums are a perennial garden favourite, bringing height and colour to borders and beds. They are brilliant for bees and make fantastic cut flowers.

About Delphiniums

What is Delphinium?

Delphinium are perennial plants noted for their height and colour. Growing up to 2m tall, these beautiful plants produce long, bright flower spikes in varying shades of blues, pinks, purples and whites. They belong to the buttercup family and are native to the Northern Hemisphere, favouring sunny locations.

Delphinium flower in June and July, adding dramatic spires of colour throughout the garden. They are famously grown for their blue flowers but can be found in myriad hues across the spectrum. 

Their name comes from the word “dolphin” in ancient greek, thanks to their flower shape. They are also known as larkspur, although these are normally referred to when thinking of the annual varieties which grow shorter and flower throughout the Summer, rather than the perennial varieties which flower early on during Summer and return year after year.

They are an easy to grow plant that requires minimal care and with a simple care regime will return spectacular blooms for years on end.

Growing Delphinium

They prefer moist soil that is well drained, so watering regularly is essential in drier periods. During the Spring they become particular favourites of slugs, so protection from those is necessary.

To keep them looking great, it is recommended that they be staked into the ground to prevent flopping over or snapping in high winds and given plenty of high potash food to promote abundance of growth.

They don’t like soggy soil, so if you’re planting in clay soil, add some gravel (10mm pea gravel is ideal) to the bottom of their hole so that drainage is improved and they stand proud of any water.

They are best suited to an area of the garden that receives full sun and look best at the back of a flower bed, thanks to their exceptional height.

Add Some Cottage Garden Charm.

The showy flowers of the Delphinium create a spectacular presence in the garden and provide an abundance of beautiful, nectar rich flowers for bees. Available in every shade of blue, cream, white, pink and purple, they create a charming, elegant stature at the back of beds that you will adore.

Enjoy Delphinium

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