Popular cottage garden and border plants that are perfect for sunny spots, offering an attractive plant that is great for attracting birds and bees.

About This Plant

What is Dianthus?

Dianthus is a large family of perennial, annual and biennial plants that offers a huge variety of different shapes and colours. The most popular are Pinks, so called because they take on a jagged edged appearance in the flowers that looks like they have been cut with ‘pinking shears’.

Dianthus are reliable and easy to look after, offering abundant flowers from May to October. Garden Pinks are the perennial variety that we offer, giving you a great choice of flower colours, in contrast to the blueish-grey green foliage that appears from early Spring.

Dianthus are hardy perennials that have a clove-scented flower, which is attractive to birds and bees, giving you a great show throughout the late Spring and Summer months. They also make great cut-flowers.

Compact varieties work really well in planters, pots, rockeries and window boxes.

Growing Dianthus

They are best planted once the threat of frost has passed and in a sunny spot to promote growth.

Dianthus will thrive in most conditions as long as there’s plenty of sun and a well-drained soil. They are best fed with tomato feed to encourage growth and if you cut them back after flowering, it will help to bring forth additional blooms through the season.

Once established, it’s advisable to give them a good water once a week to keep them looking good but try to avoid water-logging to prevent problems.

Dianthus are fast growers and can go from new plant to full bloom in as little as 10 weeks, making them a great addition to provide new interest.

Depending on the variety, they can grow up to 36″ tall and 2ft wide, so if you’re planting a group of them in a bed it’s advisable to give them around 30cm of space in between to allow them to spread.

Add a flash of hot colour.

Dianthus are renowned for their vibrant flowers that contrast against their foliage, creating a flash of hot colour wherever they are planted, throughout the Summer months. With a variety of colours to choose from, they make a great addition to the garden that the birds and bees will love.

Enjoy Dianthus

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