Beautiful annual plants that produce brightly coloured flowers and trail elegantly over edges and borders, providing a carpet of rich colour.

About This Plant

What is Diascia?

Diascia is also sometimes known as Twinspur. It is a tender plant with varieties that grow upright and those that spill over, making them ideal for hanging baskets. Primarily sold in pink and red varieties, the Diascia is an ideal bedding plant to provide a bit of colour in your annual garden displays.

Diascia have become a popular plant over the years thanks to their reliability in producing abundant blooms. Their common name is Twinspur which has evolved loosely from the genus name derived from the ancient Greek “Di” meaning Two and “Askos” meaning Bladder or Sac. Occasionally you will also see Twinspur referred to as Barber’s Diascia. The plant is native to South Africa.

Growing Diascia

With its small, dark green, oval leaves, the flowers provide a beautiful contrast thanks to their vivid nature. Although small, Diascia flowers are plentiful and create a showy display that gardeners love throughout the season.

They will repeat-bloom during Summer and will be at their brightest and best in Spring and early Autumn when the temperatures are slightly cooler.

The key to maintaining Twinspur is to cut them back by half once flowers wither and it starts to look too leggy. That way they will grow and bloom again more vigorously, providing more colour and interest.

Diascia enjoys full sun, except in very hot weather and is happiest in a partially shaded area when it gets too hot or the sun is very piercing.

Their preferred soil is slightly acidic, with a pH between 6 and 6.5 that is both fertile and well drained.

Diascia performs best at flowering when the weather is cooler in the Spring. During the Summer months, the heat and Sun will make it tend to wilt, so its advisable to cut it back and keep it watered to ensure it produces good flowers.

They make ideal potted plants, container plants and rockery plants and are famously used in hanging baskets as they spill over elegantly to create a curtain of colour.

Dainty, flowing flowers.

Diascia are a beautiful plant with dainty, twin-spurred flowers that come in vibrant colours. Perfect for containers, borders, rockeries and hanging baskets these popular annual plants will provide abundant blooms throughout the year.

Enjoy Diascia

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