Shade-loving woodland plants that bloom in the cooler months, featuring pink, white, red and orange varieties.

About This Plant

What is Dicentra?

Dicentra is also known as Bleeding Heart. It is known as such because of the heart-shaped, dangling flowers that appear to be spilling colour from within as the inner part of the flower is elongated from the base of the heart and is a contrasting colour. Bleeding Hearts a re a popular shade-loving plant that produce beautiful flowers in the Spring.

Dicentra are low-maintenance perennial plants with vibrant coloured, dangling flowers and fern-like foliage that contrasts well. They grow to just over a foot in height and prefer a shady spot.

Generally they will flower in the early Spring and stay in bloom for a few weeks. Some varieties will bloom again as the heat of the Summer fades but most go dormant once their initial blooms have passed.

Growing Dicentra

Dicentra aren’t too fussy about the type of soil they are in as long as it is fertile, fairly neutral and well-drained. When planting, work in a good amount of organic compost with the soil to give them a head start. Water regularly when newly planted to ensure they establish well.

The plants will need to be kept well watered during the Summer, irrespective of whether they are a dormant or active variety, in order to keep the roots in good condition.

Dicentra are not heavy feeders and can be fertilised with a covering of leaf mold once a year, usually.

Generally there is no need to prune Bleeding Heart as it doesn’t encourage additional blooms. They will flower again if conditions and variety are right, regardless. Many varieties will simply disappear altogether once Spring is over and will return again the following year with a fresh display.


Springtime colour and beauty for shadier spots.

Dicentra are a wonderful plant for shadier spots in the garden or patio. Typically planted in a woodland garden, they are characteristic of a wilder scene thanks to their fern-like leaves, offering gardeners an ideal solution to brightening up the blander areas of the garden, either in beds or containers.

Enjoy Dicentra

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