Commonly known as the Foxglove, Digitalis is a widely cultivated plant that is immensely popular in woodland gardens, prized for its height and striking beauty.

About Foxglove

What is Digitalis?

Digitalis, better known as Foxglove, is native to Western Asia, Northwest Africa and Europe. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and stand on long stems in tubular groups. Foxglove colours vary widely and encompass whites, pinks, yellows and purples, mainly.

Digitalis is a wild plant in Europe that grows commonly in woods and hedgerows. It’s a standout plant that produces impressive spikes of abundantly blooming flowers in a range of colours.

Growing up to 2m tall, Foxglove as it’s commonly known is a pretty flower that is loved by bees for its nectar.

The leaves are oval-shaped with a teethed margin. The flowers are spotted with contrasting colour to the main tube of the outer petals, as if signalling a landing pad to passing pollinators.

Digitalis is a perennial plant that is important to wildlife and growing them in your garden will provide a haven for bees and other pollinators.

Growing Digitalis

Digitalis plants like a well-drained, loamy soil and can be grown successfully in full sun, partial sun or partially shaded areas of the garden. Blooming in early Summer, they will flower through until September and provide abundant colour and shape to brighten up your garden beds.

They will tolerate shade but prefer sun, although a fully shaded spot is not advisable. Depending on how hot a climate you live in, they will fare well in full sun as long as it isn’t too scorching, in which case a partially shaded spot is your best bet.

If you’re planning to plant foxgloves together, it is advisable to plant around 2ft apart to allow for full growth and stake the taller ones to stop them blowing over in the wind.

To overwinter, cut it back to its crown and cover with a 3in carpet of mulch to insulate.

Famously wild. Beautifully coloured.

Digitalis is a much loved woodland garden plant and is grown widely in gardens throughout the UK. As well as being found in the wild, this impressive plant brings the birds and bees flocking for its rich nectar and gives gardeners a tall, vivid display that works perfectly at the back of beds and borders.

Enjoy Foxglove

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