Commonly known as Sea Holly, the spiky, raised centres and barb-like petals rise above low growing plants to make this perennial beauty a star of the show.

About Sea Holly

What is Eryngium?

Eryngium, commonly known as Sea Holly or Eryngo is an upright growing, thistle-like plant bearing blue or green/white flowers that feature an upright and spiky cone in the centre of contrasting colours. They belong to the Apiaceae plant family, native to European coastlines and successfully grown in gardens throughout the UK.

Eryngium is a thistle-like perennial plant with big blue showy flower heads that attract pollinators and grow in branched clusters to produce a colourful display in your beds and borders throughout the Summer.

They get their Sea Holly common name from being typically grown in coastal areas. Their characteristic spiny leaves and bulbous, spiky, blue flower-heads make Eryngium perfect for adding composition and textural contrast to borders and beds in a sunny spot.

Growing Eryngium

It’s not too fussy a plant, being able to grow in most soils as long as they are free-draining.

Eryngium (or Sea Holly as it is more commonly known) enjoys full sun and has long-lasting flowers that can be cut and dried for brilliant arrangements.

Sea Holly is very easy to grow in traditionally more difficult patches of ground where the soil is poor and dry.

Drought tolerant when established, these popular perennials are best grown inwards from the edge of a flower bed to avoid scratching passers by with their spiky leaves and somewhere sunny so they can reach their full potential.

Planting is done ideally in Spring or Autumn, taking care to avoid waterlogged areas.

Delightfully Spiky

Eryngium are a delightfully spiky plant that provide a memorable look in a garden thanks to their vibrant blue and green contrasting flower heads. Perfect for windier, sunnier, dryer and more difficult soils, these plants create a gorgeous display during the Summer months and when cut back make great dried flower displays.

Enjoy Sea Holly

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