Commonly known as Spurge, this fleshy-leaved, reliable perennial comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, all providing structure and lush greenery, with little maintenance required.

About Spurge

What is Euphorbia?

Euphorbia, commonly known as Spurge, is an upright growing bushy evergreen known for its leaves rather than its flowers. The family is very large but it is mostly grown for landscaping as succulent varieties that bloom in the Spring and early Summer, offering heads of flowers that match the colour of the leaves.

Euphorbia is a large family of plants, featuring more than 2,000 different species. Grown mostly for their structure and greenery in the UK, they can also be found with more cactus-like appearance.

Generally, our Euphorbia plants are called Spurge and are herbaceous or woody shrub varieties that are mainly evergreen perennials.

Although different from other members of the family, they all share the characteristic of having milky white sap and tube-like stems.

Growing Euphorbia

Spurge is very easy to grow and will take up residence in most soils as long as they are well drained. Too much water is not good for Spurge as they are prone to root rot in soggy areas.

When planting, be sure to water your Spurge well and regularly to help it take root. Once established it will need little to no care beyond cropping back if it grows too big for the space it’s in. 

Spurge likes to be in the full sun, although a bit of shade in very exposed, south-facing gardens would be beneficial. They will also tolerate being in the shade for part of the day, as long as they get about 6 hrs of sun.

During the Summer months, it’s advisable to water your Euphorbia once the soil gets thoroughly dry and during Winter, unless very dry, you shouldn’t need to water very often if at all. If your Spurge shows signs of wilting then a quick water will get it back to its best.

Indispensable Spurge

The green/red/yellow foliage of Euphorbia makes it an attractive plant to gardeners as it provides structure and height all year round. The bright green/red/yellow flowers in Summer provide a spray of interest and contrast beautifully when paired with more colourful varieties.

Enjoy Euphorbia

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