Fucshia are famous for their pendulum-like flowers that are typically two colours contrasting each other, offering a delightful display throughout the year.

What is Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is a family of shrubs and small trees, first described after the discovery of Fuchsia Triphylla in Haiti around 1696 by French botanist Charles Plumier. It takes its name from German botanist Leonhart Fuchs, an influence of Plumier’s research.

There are two main varieties, the Hardy Fuchsia and the tender variety, as described below.

Fuchsia is a large family of plants, with over 100 different varieties and ranging in colours from reds to purples, whites and pinks. The plant begins to show growth in April and May, with flowers showing most commonly from May to October, with some flowering up until the first frosts of Winter.

They are a well loved plant, with famously pendulous arrangements of flowers that provide a cascade of contrasting colours in the garden throughout the second half of the year.

The most common varieties of fuchsia in the UK tend to be native of North and South America but the plant is a widespread one that grows in many different regions around the world.

Fuchsia’s popularity in England was at its height in Victorian times and only dipped when the First World War happened and the greenhouses where they were cultivated were turned over to growing food.

Growing Fuchsia

They are easy to grow in a well-drained soil with plenty of sunlight. They like a moist soil and benefit from continued feeding, watering and deadheading throughout the flowering season.

In April, pinch the stems out to encourage growth and prune if necessary. If you’re growing tender fuchsias in your garden they need mulching in Winter to protect their roots.

Although they enjoy the sun, they can suffer if over-exposed to harsh sunlight, so a partially shaded spot where they can seek some shelter in the midday hours would be ideal.

If planting tender fuchsias for the first time, they’re best put out in May once all chances of frosts have gone. Regular watering will help them establish and continued watering during the drier months is necessary to keep them in good condition.

Versatile Fuchsia

The bright colours and pretty, pendulous flowers of the fuchsia make it a garden favourite and with so many uses for it, you can understand why it’s a garden icon. You can grow fuchsia inside, outside, in beds, in pots, in planters and in hanging baskets to provide a beautiful and eye-catching display that lasts and lasts.

Enjoy Fuchsia

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