Popular perennial often referred to as Blanketflower thanks to their abundant plumes of flowers creating a carpet of colour wherever they grow. They are perfect for pollinators, too!

What is Gaillardia?

Gaillardia, also known as blanketflower, is a sun-loving, repeat bloomer that flowers in the Summer and Autumn, offering a carpet of vivid and contrasting colours to your beds and borders.

They grow in clumps and the flowers tend to reach about 2ft in height once fully grown, with a similar spread. Their large, showy flowers in yellows and reds make a vibrant display throughout the warmer months.

Gaillardia is a daisy type flower from the Asteraceae family which was originally given its name after Gaillard de Charentonneau, a French botanist from the 18th Century. The common name ‘blanketflower‘ is so given due to the way it grows, offering a brightly coloured blanket of flowers that are intensely striking.

They are great plants for attracting pollinators, proving very popular throughout the summer and autumn months with bees who flock to these vibrant blooms in droves.

Growing Gaillardia

They are an easy to grow plant, drought tolerant and will thrive in a variety of soil types as long as they have plenty of sun and a free-draining soil.

Gaillardia are best suited to large planters or flower beds, thanks to their 2ft x 2ft height and spread. They benefit from deadheading throughout the summer in order to encourage additional growth and further flowering.

Low-nutrient soil is better for flower growth, whereas high-nutrient soil will produce more leafy plants, which is less desirable, so when planting it might be an idea to forego the usual fertiliser in the hole you’ve dug if you want an abundance of colour and for these show-stopping delights to reach their full potential.

Colourful Gaillardia

The vivid colours will delight you throughout the Summer and Autumn and provide a haven for bees and butterflies who love their abundant flower heads. Plant in the spring and enjoy a beautiful, low maintenance display through the year.

Enjoy Gaillardia

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