Hellebores from Herefordshire

Our Hellebores are grown in-house at our Herefordshire nursery. The Hellebores we produce are a range of famed Hellebore varieties consisting of the celebrated Christmas Rose, Snow Rose, Ice N’ Roses and Helleborus x lemperii varieties, collectively known as the Helleborus Gold Collection®.

Availability: From September to February

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Helleborus Niger

Christmas Roses

Christmas Roses are fully hardy, low-care and very long-lived evergreen Hellebores. Withstanding cold spells and snow, Christmas Roses produce dazzling white flowers all winter long.

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Breakthrough Breed

Helleborus x lemperii

Helleborus x lemperii owe their beauty to the fact that they are crosses between the Lenten Roses (Helleborus x hybridus) and Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger) they are a real breakthrough in breeding Hellebores.

Helleborus x lemperii are very floriferous with a long flowering period and a great diversity of colours.

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Helleborus x ballardiae, x ericsmithii, x nigercors

Snow Roses

Snow Roses combine the positive qualities of their parents: the properties of the Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger) and of Mediterranean Helleborus species such as the Corsican (Helleborus argutifolius) and the Balearic or blue-grey Hellebore (Helleborus lividus), whose names indicate their provenance.

Their charming appeal and ability to withstand inclement winter weather comes from the Christmas Rose. In the summer on the other hand, they benefit from their Mediterranean parents ability to cope with the heat and sun

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Helleborus x glandorfensis and Helleborus x iburgensis

Ice N’ Roses®

The new sensational winter bloomers Ice N’ Roses® (Helleborus x glandorfensis) combine the early flowers of Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger) with the multiple colours of Lenten Roses and the robust nature of Snow Roses.

Ice N’ Roses® produce their magnificent flowers tirelessly from late Autumn, well into April. These gorgeous Hellebores should not be missing in any garden!

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About Hellebores

What are Hellebores?

Botanically, Hellebores belong to the genus Helleborus. They are hardy, low-maintenance perennials that are a must-have in any garden.

Hellebores have an upright habit, with some varieties such as Snow Roses forming clusters anywhere up to 1 metre in diameter. The key to their popularity is the unusual time in which they flower…

Keep Winter Colourful

Hellebores give us an abundance of beautiful flowers at a time when the garden would be otherwise drab and lifeless.

Some varieties start to flower as early as October/November, others a little later on and all will withstand the winter’s severe cold and snow to delight us through the year’s gloomiest of days.

Others will give bloom in late winter and continue flowering well into Spring, providing colourful contrast alongside the daffodils and tulips to welcome warmer, longer days.

Pair with Evergreens in Winter

Hellebores are the perfect companion to evergreen shrubs and perennial plants in the garden or in planters, pots and window boxes during the winter months. They provide much needed brightness, colour and beauty.

Our Christmas Roses are particularly suited to pairing with pine branches, holly and cones to create beautiful Christmas flower displays.

Winter Flowers in Containers on Patios and Balconies

Our hellebores make particularly beautiful displays on patios, balconies and in window boxes. When all around us nature is sleeping, the colour and beauty of Christmas Roses, Snow Roses and Ice N’ Roses will warm your heart and sooth your soul.

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