Heuchera, common name Coral Bells, is a very popular plant in British gardens due to its gorgeous coloured foliage that comes in all kinds of shades from purple to orange, red to green. It’s a versatile plant that will cope in most average soils and will tolerate shady spots to provide colour in typically hard to reach places.

Flowering: June to July.

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About heuchera

What is Heuchera?

With wavy-edged leaves forming flattened clumps that spread slowly and small Summer flowers, Heuchera offers a wealth of opportunity to create vibrant displays in beds, planters and pots.

Heuchera is a perennial plant with mostly evergreen foliage that flowers in the Summer with small tubular flowers on long stems.

Heuchera are low-maintenance, colourful plants that provide year-long colour in our gardens. Forming in flat mounds, these evergreen perennials have become extremely popular due to their eye-catching shape and contrasting, veined and marbled foliage that you can have in almost any colour.

Reds, greens, purples, blacks, copper, gold, you name it and there’s probably an Heuchera that will match it. Most types bear flowers that contrast and complement their foliage. Some even have leaves that change colour throughout the year.There are just under 60 accepted varieties of Heuchera, with the number of varieties running into the hundreds.

They usually range from 20cm to 40cm in height, with a few growing bigger. Depending on the height of the plant, its spread will normally equal around double of that, with flowers that stand proud on tubular stems in the Summer. Leaves are large and lobed, with scalloped edges and an attractive appearance, aside from just the colours they come in.

The common name is Coral Bells and are sometimes known as Alum Root.

Heuchera is not too particular about where it grows, with many able to thrive in far more extreme conditions than we have in the UK, making it a pretty safe bet for most gardens with well drained soil.

Some prefer full or partial sun, others prefer shade. Typically the more purple or dark the leaves are, the more sun it will want.

A carpet of colour for your garden

Heuchera is a beautiful family of colourful plants with dazzling foliage that looks great all year round. Plant in contrasting groups to create a patchwork of low-level colour in your beds, pots and planters. Whether shady or sunny, there’s a Heuchera for that.

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