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Bulrush Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost 40 Litres – Moisture Retaining Mix
(Perfect for any garden)


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This bag contains 40L of environmentally friendly peat free compost, suitable for use in any bed or border. Due to it’s great moisture and nutrient retention, It’s able to reduce the need for watering whilst also encouraging healthy, lush growth. As this compost contains no peat, it has been produced more environmentally friendly than other alternatives.


This compost is best used with plants that like moist, well drained soil. While it does drain effectively, it's moisture retention ensures that it stays moist for longer after watering, so be careful not to overwater. When planting  in this soil, dig a hole twice the size of the plant's pot, place the plant in the centre of the hole, then surround it with the compost and water it well. Due to the nutrients stored in the compost itself, plants planted in it won't need feeding until the 6 week mark. Also works appropriately for filling out bigger pots, hanging baskets etc.

Planting Conditions

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Watering & Feeding

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