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Natural Grower Organic Plant Feed and Soil Conditioner Tub 16 Litre

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This plant feed from Natural Grower is an organic, slow release plant feed that is suitable for mixing into compost prior to planting or for use as a top dressing. It’s Vegan Society and Soil Association approved, and is suitable for any plants.


This plant feed can be mixed into soil or compost prior to planting, or can be used as a top layer after planting. Over time, the feed is released gradually as a slow release fertiliser that will feed plants for an extended period if time. It will also retain moisture well, and so if mixed with compost prior to planting, it can hold water and nutrients well over time. NPK: 4.1-2.2-3.0

Planting Conditions

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Watering & Feeding

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General Care

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